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Interview with Ed Smither about Mission in Praise, Word, and Deed

By WCP Team
on August 30, 2023
We recently sat down with Ed Smither to discuss his forthcoming book Mission in Praise, Word, and Deed (co-edited with Jessie Udall). This interview is a helpful introduction.

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Journal Reviews of Motus Dei

By Brad Vaughn
on August 16, 2023

Haven't yet read Motus Dei? Check out these reviews! 


Jeyaraj, Dasan. 2022. “Book Review of Motus Dei.” Global Missiology 19 (4).

Motus Dei: The Movement of God to Disciple the Nations is a great read. I find this book extremely useful both for my teaching and missional practices. It is an instructive tool for anyone interested in knowing the way God works, and it is a great tool and resource for churches, foundations, and missiologists who want to know about “Motus Dei.”


Kelley, Karry. 2023. “What Factors Contribute to DMMs? Review of Motus Dei.” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 59 (2).

         Motus Dei (movement of God in Latin) is a useful introduction to church planting movements (CPMs) and disciple-making movements (DMMs). Editor Warrick Farah and the other missiologists who contributed chapters aim to answer the question “What factors are contributing to the increase of discipleship movements in the world today?” (xv). The book explains the theological and theoretical underpinnings of CPMs, then goes on to describe their practical outworking. There also are abundant examples and recommended applications.


Miller, Dave. 2023. “Motus Dei (Book Review).” Seedbed 34 (1).

         We are confronted with the reality of gospel movements happening around the world today. As missiologists, theologians, and practitioners study the Scriptures to learn the message, model, and character of gospel movements, Motus Dei: The Movement of God to Disciple the Nations is a tremendous resource. It curates and distills years of practitioner wisdom passed down for generations. It outlines exciting insights into how God is transforming people from every, tribe, tongue and nation in miraculous ways through movements. Thank you to the contributors for sparking more conversation about the movement of God to disciple the nations.


Morton, Chris. 2022. “Book Review: Motus Dei: The Movement of God to Disciple the Nations.” Transformation 39 (3): 216–17.

         Reading Motus Dei feels like going on a year-long course in DMM missiology, and thus makes it ideal for the academic setting. But for mission agencies/leaders who are seeking to keep in step with the Spirit, it will provide a challenge and a guide to seeing DMMs in the context in which they operate. A well-rounded missiology of DMMs was needed, and Motus Dei has provided it in rich detail.


Seckler, Thomas W. 2022. “Review of Motus Dei.” Themelios 47 (2).

         Although Motus Dei has weaknesses, it accomplishes its purpose of providing diverse research to further the global conversation on Christian movements. As such, Motus Dei is beneficial for those currently involved in movements as well as those desiring to understand more.


Campbell, David. 2022. “Book Review: Motus Dei.” Great Commission Research Journal 14 (2): 165–69.

         In his groundbreaking book, Motus Dei: The Movement of God to Disciple the Nations, Warrick Farah, a missiologist and theological educator from the Middle East, and a team of scholars, practitioners, mission leaders, and movement catalysts from around the world have come together to describe and document the miraculous movement of God among the nations in which thousands of Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus in many previously Unreached People Groups (UPGs) are coming to faith in Jesus Christ in the past thirty years.

Stick Figures Save the World: A Charming Celebration of Narrative Evangelism

By WCP Team
on August 09, 2023
The book not only provokes thought but also spurs action. Smith envisions a wide array of readers "from everyday disciples to church planters to seminary instructors" benefiting from the book.

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The Realities of Money and Missions Celebrated by EMQ

By WCP Team
on August 02, 2023

Did you see that EMQ wrote a great review of The Realities of Money and Missions?

ACU Professor and missiologist Chris Flanders highlights the book's engaging dialogue, its wide-ranging scope, and the invaluable perspectives it presents on the complex interplay between finance and global mission work.

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Celebrating Positive Reviews: Mobilizing Gen Z Praised by EMQ

By WCP Team
on July 26, 2023
We are absolutely delighted to see Ed Smither’s positive review of Jolene Erlacher and Katy White’s Mobilizing Gen Z in EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly). Smither commends the book’s illuminating perspective on Gen Z and their role in global missions, making this a highly recommended read for multiple audiences.

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The Way You Start a Movement Is How You Finish It

By WCP Team
on July 19, 2023
The end goal of movement work should never be the advancement of the missionary organization or the missionary. Movements flourish when they heed the three-self formula. Leaders emerge from the local context. Growth occurs through the work and funding of those within that context.

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Is Cowardice Worthy of Hell?

By WCP Team
on July 12, 2023
In Facing Fear, Anna Hampton discusses some basics of Hebrew grammar and briefly address the Old and New Testament teaching on fear and courage. While there was not space to include all that Scripture mentions about cowardice, the following is just a brief discussion of a key verse often cited related to Biblical teaching on cowardice

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5 Benefits of Learning Communities for Generating Movement Growth

By WCP Team
on July 05, 2023
Learning Communities (LC) are a central element to long-term movement growth. These venues train through modeling. Leaders learn through concrete experience in small groups of peers and then replicate what they have learned with others.

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Rethinking How Movement Leadership Works

By WCP Team
on June 28, 2023
Impacting Eternity highlights a key leadership practice that results in movement breakthrough. I call it “Catalyze a Decentralized Movement.”

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The Spirit’s Work in Impacting Eternity

By WCP Team
on June 21, 2023

Do you want to be a part of a movement?

Then you must realize that it is about seeing what God is doing and getting involved with that. This depends upon your willingness to invest in discerning and resting in God’s presence. We cannot forget this simple, biblical principle. All other “best practices” depend on it.

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