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In Memory of Dr. Steve Smith

By WCP Team
on April 01, 2019
After decades of faithful service furthering the gospel across the world, Dr. Steve Smith, 57, died on March 13, 2019 after battling liver cancer which may have been caused by a parasite he contracted while on the mission field.

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The Biggest Lie...

By DG Wynn
on February 18, 2019

I'm down right serious as I contemplate the question of "What is the biggest lie that the Enemy tell us?"

My mind goes back and forth about the Great Deceiver's preferred choice of weapon. If he's the roaring lion we are told he is, it seems important to listen to that warning. Therefore acknowledging his intent is to devour, we should then see him for the bloodthirsty carnivore of hope that he is.

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Remembering Don Richardson

By DG Wynn
on January 18, 2019
You don't often think of your heroes being people.
Real people. Ones who make you laugh so hard you snort, who say crazy things in one breath and inspire you with genius in the next, who share a meal with you. Usually they hold this mythical place in your heart and mind as the guru of words that have shaped you, of epic stories of triumph personified, of dedication that never dims. These everyday and highfalutin experiences comprised my experience with Don Richardson.

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