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Caring for refugees discussed in book review, A Better Country

By WCP Team
on June 05, 2019

By the time the reader arrives at the final two chapters, a rumbling of empowerment comes alive in the pages of Wu’s book. As American Christians we are to go and do, building on our country’s foundation and following in the ways Christ teaches us to interact with and care for all of our brothers and sisters. “Today,” she states, “the ends of the earth are coming to America, and you have the opportunity to show God’s love to them, without leaving your home. What is your vision for making the most of that opportunity?” (p. 40). Perhaps my favorite part of the book, Wu then equips the reader with eighteen practical ideas for caring for refugees in our midst. Whether we prepare a warm meal and invite a new family into our home or watch a handful of documentaries to better understand the plight of refugees, it is not impossible to care for others out of who we already are and what we are already doing, no matter our situation.

I may not have responded verbally to the passengers on the flight that day, but this I do know: if my heart for refugees has been changed by the guidance of one woman’s words, I don’t doubt entire faith communities can and will be changed as well.

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