Language Learning and TESOL Conferences

By WCP Team
on February 04, 2021

If you are on the field, or you are considering to ministry non-English speakers, you may be interested in two upcoming conferences about language learning in Ministry. Language learning that equips you for ministry is crucial if the ultimate goal is to tell people about Jesus. 

#1: International Congress on Language Learning (ICLL)

#2: Christian English Language Educations Association (CELEA)

#3: FREE Resource on Language and Culture Tips

#4: Books to Consider

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How to Download your Kindle and EPub Ebook Files to your App

By WCP Team
on October 21, 2018

Check out our easy 4-step guide to buying and downloading your Ebook files from William Carey Publishing (formerly William Carey Library). 

Clearly you are as excited as we are to start offering ebook files - both Mobi files (used on any Kindle reading app) and EPub files (used on any other EReading app like iBooks, Nook, etc.) - on and It means we can alter the prices at will and offer great discounts and it means that more of the royalties go back to the authors as well! 


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