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Biblical Hope & The Bible Project

By DG Wynn
on January 05, 2021

We love to support and promote like-minded organizations working for the glory of God and one of those amazing orgs is The Bible Project, please check them out and subscribe to their Youtube channel and support their work if you are able. 

We just wanted to share their amazing video on the difference between optimism and Biblical hope to start off this new year of 2021, because we at William Carey Publishing want to encourage all believers to lean into our very real and good God, because He does show up and is faithful, even if 2021 looks a lot like 2020. 

Check out the video and enjoy. 

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Missions Catalyst loves Fruit to Harvest

By WCP Team
on August 28, 2019
Missions Catalyst loves Fruit to Harvest

Fruit to Harvest is a sequel of sorts, as the name suggests.


Like the first volume, it is based on the proceedings of a global conference on reaching Muslims. Some 47 authors from 21 nations and 30 different agencies working across the Muslim world contributed case studies, information about ministry among Muslims, current challenges, and new strategies.

I appreciated material addressing urban enclaves, Muslim migrants, and nomadic Muslims, as well as strong material on honor and shame, suffering and persecution, partnership, and more. I recommend it highly.

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