EMQ recently reviewed Pam Arlund’s Stick Figures Save the World! Yay!

The reviewer, Cameron Smith, emphasizes the uniqueness and effectiveness of the narrative-based evangelism that Arlund encourages in her book, providing glowing recognition of the delightful blend of simplicity and spirituality that the book embodies.

Stick Figures Save the World stands out for its emphasis on "narrative-based evangelism" and the simplicity of storytelling. Smith appreciates the innovative approach of using basic "stick figures" to encourage the church in their storytelling endeavors. He appreciates the author’s use of simple visuals as a powerful tool for communicating the gospel, stating that the book's main thrusts are to

"provide the basic principles of creating narratives and show how simple visuals can foster good storytelling."

Written in an engaging and accessible style, Arlund focuses on the importance of sharing personal stories and testimonies. Smith highlights the significant role of developing authentic relationships and effectively communicating the gospel, noting that Arlund believes the best "evangelism is simply sharing Jesus and ourselves with people."

The book not only provokes thought but also spurs action. Smith envisions a wide array of readers "from everyday disciples to church planters to seminary instructors" benefiting from the book. He further suggests the potential for hosting workshops in settings such as church small groups and parachurch ministries to help participants draw and tell their good news stories.

And It's a Fun Book!!

Smith recognizes the author's love for Jesus and her firm belief that sharing stories about Him can be as simple as sketching a stick figure. The heart of the author, he states, is clear, adding to the personal charm and intimacy of the book. Smith wraps up the review by claiming that this is a "fun book," celebrating the accessible language and cheerful tone Arlund employs, making the book feel like a "personal conversation with the reader."

We couldn't be more excited about Pam Arlund’s work in Stick Figures Save the World. Her creativity and passion shine through every page, providing a fresh, engaging, and heartwarming approach to sharing the gospel– as simple and delightful as sketching a stick figure.