What is Radical? MissionBooks.org

You know those times when you are genuinely shocked by something? I just had one of those moments. 

Something that I’ve been actively talking to people and with people about for over a year—and not just a few people but dozens and dozens across many agencies—was just called “radical.” The context in which this accusation was made was among another group of people whom I deeply respect. Thus the reason for my shock.

My mouth dropped open, I thought “he must be kidding” and yet, my brain told me, “maybe he’s not.” 

It wasn’t the time to ask him follow up questions, but those questions will come. 

The oh so radical thing that I was talking about was movements.

And just to catch everyone up to the conversation, when I say movements in this instance I’m including the missiological methodologies of disciple making movements and church planting movements. They are methodologies to form small house churches of new disciples with the foundational mentality of each disciple having the deep motivation to share what they have learned as a disciple in order to replicate and spur new disciples. 

This is about making disciples. And that is a radical act. 

This world is constantly lulling us to sleep as followers of Jesus and that is why scripture cries out in Ephesians 5:14 “...Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” 

Choosing to follow Jesus is radical. 

Choosing to put aside all the “wisdom” of the world that spurs us to seek safety and status, prosperity of property, and public praise etc. in order to choose a life of service, of love in the face of hate, of sacrifice of comfort, of a vision where the Kingdom of God is near, well, that is radical. 

Frankly, the kind of life Jesus calls us to is not easy, but boy does it actually offer you a faith that can be buffeted by the storms of life and survive.

Building your life on the rock of Jesus is radical, but I really hope each and every one who has ears to hear does it. 

Now that I think about it, I’m ok with being called radical. 


If you want to read a radical book start with the Bible. 

But you might also consider The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God by Curtis Sergeant.