"Mission to Muslims must begin at the local level, where they live, how they live, and what they say about themselves."

Warren Larson, Senior Research Fellow and Professor, Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies, Columbia International University reviews Margins of Islam: Ministry in Diverse Muslim Contexts (2018), edited by Gene Daniels and Warrick Farah and published by William Carey Publishing.

Here are some exceptional quotes from the review:

"...The book is important because it corrects some inaccurate ideas about Muslims. The chapters look at Islam as it is, not at what we imagine it to be.

Second, the book corrects unhelpful and harmful attitudes.

Third, it holds before us the urgent need to win more Muslims for Christ. In the past, for various reasons, missionaries used to say Islam was the greatest challenge to the church. This is still true. Even though Muslims are now coming to Christ in the tens of thousands every year, Islam is growing annually by 32 million (mostly biological growth). The point is, we are not keeping up, and must do better. This book suggests that engaging them at the local level (Adaptive Mission) will produce more fruit...."

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