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The Only One

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Table of Contents

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Why I Wrote This Book


How to Read This Book

An Introduction to Theopraxy

Part I- Individual Aspects of Theopraxy

Chapter 1- An All-Encompassing Way of Life

Chapter 2- We Have Only One Life to Live

Chapter 3- Knowing God Is Our Primary Pursuit

Chapter 4- God’s Kingdom Is Our Compass

Chapter 5- Our Enemies Are Fear and Pride

Chapter 6- Suffering Is Our Pathway

Part II- Corporate Aspects of Theopraxy

Chapter 7- The New Covenant

Chapter 8- The New Commandment

Chapter 9- Listening to God Together

Chapter 10- The Trinity Is Our Model for Unity

Chapter 11- God Is Our Model for Communication

Part III- Practical Concepts and Tools to Grow in Theopraxy

Chapter 12- Christ Is Both Savior and Lord

Chapter 13- God Has Our Exclusive Allegiance

Chapter 14- 3/3: A Pattern for Faithful Living

Chapter 15- Living Accountable Lives

Chapter 16- Growing in Prayer

Additional Resources

About the Author

Appendix 1: Kingdom Orison

Appendix 2: Songs That Address Themes Related to Theopraxy

Appendix 3: Writing Poetry

The Only One
Living Fully In, By, and For God
Curtis Sergeant

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The Movement Starts with You

Do you doubt you can actually make a difference in the world?  Do you struggle with knowing how to express your faith in the daily routines of life?  The Only One shares simple approaches to grow as a follower of Jesus.

Designed to be read, processed, shared, and used to equip others, The Only One is a tool to not only grow as a disciple but also to make and multiply disciples. This is about living with a greater impact on the world and the purpose for which God designed you. It’s time to experience life with Him, and others, as a joyful and exciting adventure—read this book and get started!

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  • When talking about missional movement leadership, I have often said that Curtis Sergeant is the best of us all. He has a genius-level intelligence, single-minded focus, authentic humility, and burning passion. The result of this combustible combination is Kingdom movements all over the world. This book may seem simple and basic, but don’t let that fool you. What he puts in this small book is actually the key to making disciples worth multiplying. This book is a window into the soul of a world changer, so pay attention.

    Neil Cole a catalyst for the global organic church movements and author of many books including Organic Church, Primal Fire and Rising Tides

  • Curtis Sergeant has had more impact on world missions than anyone else I know today. Why? The Only One reveals the heart and thinking of a man totally sold out, utterly passionate and consumed with Jesus and His Kingdom. I found myself alternately inspired, convicted, and profoundly challenged. If your longing is to see the expansion of God’s Kingdom in the world, I highly recommend not just reading this book, but allowing its principles to change your life.

    Felicity Dale Author of An Army of Ordinary People and coauthor of Small Is Big!

  • Curtis Sergeant has done a wonderful job of assembling practical concepts and tools that will challenge you to put your faith into practice. It will revolutionize your quiet time with the Lord.

    Paul Eshleman President, Finishing the Task, and former President, Jesus Film Project

  • I have personally known Curtis Sergeant for many years as a man of great wisdom and deep intellect. Yet it is Curtis’s unquenchable desire for himself and others to seek and obey Christ above all else that drives the pulse of this important book. Curtis seeks to compel readers toward completeness in Christ at all costs. Curtis writes with urgency and singularity of focus, as if our lives and their impact on eternity hang in the balance of our understanding of God’s design. They do. I would challenge you to approach the content of this book accordingly.

    John Heerema Founder and President, Biglife

  • What a goldmine of biblical truth. It is filled with brilliant and practical insights into increasing your intimacy with God, your unity with God’s people, and your impact for God’s Kingdom.

    Dan Hitzhusen Director, Issachar Initiative, and former International Vice President, e3 Partners

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  • Pages: 218
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: paperback
  • Publish Year: 2019
  • ISBN: 9781645082330
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