Did you see that EMQ wrote a great review of The Realities of Money and Missions?

ACU Professor and missiologist Chris Flanders highlights the book's engaging dialogue, its wide-ranging scope, and the invaluable perspectives it presents on the complex interplay between finance and global mission work.

The Realities of Money and Missions is a comprehensive volume that emerged from a forum in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and includes contributions from 55 diverse voices, including missiologists, organizational leaders, and mission practitioners.

It covers a vast array of topics, offering a rich tapestry of insights into traditional missionary support, the funding of church-affiliated organizations and educational institutions, and the impact of cultural differences on partnership and accountability structures. As Flanders puts it, "The scope is quite vast and addresses diverse contexts."

One of the book's most notable strengths, as emphasized by Flanders, is its inclusion of non-Western perspectives, ensuring it's not merely "Western discussions of non-Western contexts." This provides readers with a global perspective and a more nuanced understanding of the realities of money and missions.

Moreover, the unique format of the book elevates its value even further. Each chapter is followed by a direct response from another participant, which, as Flanders notes, creates a "powerful dialogical tenor." This results in a richly textured conversation throughout the volume, and the numerous case studies offer concrete examples of challenges and solutions in global missions.

Concluding Thoughts

Concluding the review, Flanders highly recommends The Realities of Money and Missions to anyone involved in global missions or training others to engage in this important work. According to him, "Anyone who engages in global missions or prepares those who do so should wrestle with the compelling contents of this significant work."

We’re thrilled by the acclaim The Realities of Money and Missions is receiving. This volume is an important step in advancing discussions on an urgent missiological challenge. Its exploration of the intricacies of finance in global mission work is both illuminating and timely, making it a crucial resource for anyone involved in global ministry.