We're thrilled that leaders engaging in community development, world health, and evangelism are as excited as we are about Beyond Poverty: Multiplying Sustainable Community Development, by Terry Dalrymple.  

“Terry Dalrymple has lived and worked in two worlds of mission. His first career focused on missionaries planting local churches that attracted individuals to Jesus while still respecting the surrounding culture. In his second career, he learned about Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and its focus both on church planting movements and on poverty alleviation.

Dalrymple’s conclusion is “If we view our mission as projects to finish, rather than movements to start, we have lost sight of something fundamental in our calling.” He sees CHE as a tool God has uniquely designed to ease the world’s poverty. CHE prioritizes local ownership that makes development sustainable and multipliable. Dalrymple shows that CHE works not solely because of reasonable thinking, but because of intangible elements that the Holy Spirit brings to communities as they work together: dignity, hope, vision, and unity.

This book marvelously synthesizes ideas that are counter-intuitive to many minds in North America and Europe. However, what makes it fun to read are its well-told stories. I think many people will find this book powerfully inspiring.”

-John Payne MD, Past President of Medical Ambassadors International


"The worldwide CHE movement is one of the formidable tools God is using today to usher in His Kingdom on earth. Beyond Poverty is the movement’s best articulation to date. Terry Dalrymple has hammered out a compelling apologetic on the anvil of Biblical truth. The book is eloquent, well researched, validated with field experience and invitingly readable."

-Dr. Paul Calhoun