We are absolutely delighted to see Ed Smither’s positive review of Jolene Erlacher and Katy White’s Mobilizing Gen Z in EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly). Smither commends the book’s illuminating perspective on Gen Z and their role in global missions, making this a highly recommended read for multiple audiences.

Smither's Commendation

A deep dive into the identity, motivations, and faith of Gen Z, the book is lauded for its "noteworthy strengths." Smither expresses appreciation for the Erlacher and White’s apt description of Gen Z, noting their distinction from millennials. He adds that Erlacher and White "do a good job of describing Gen Z and particularly showing how they are distinct from millennials." In his review, Smither cites the authors' unique insights into the present generation, including the impact of their continuous online presence and the potential for Gen Z to become the "most educated generation to date."

The authors' approach to engaging Gen Z was another commendable feature that Smither highlighted in his review. He appreciates how Erlacher and White offer "good insights into mobilizing the present generation for mission," putting a spotlight on their focus on building long-term relationships with Gen Z and the innovative idea of guiding them towards finding their calling.

Smither also acknowledges the authors' significant emphasis on overcoming Gen Z's biblical illiteracy and encouraging them to become biblically rooted disciples, which aligns well with the core values and goals of William Carey Publishing.

Final Thoughts

In the spirit of continued improvement, Smither offers constructive feedback that will undeniably benefit Erlacher and White's future work. However, his overall review is an endorsement of the valuable work done by our authors in addressing an often-overlooked segment of the population.

The significance of this book transcends general readership, as Smither recommends it not only to mission organization mobilizers and church mission committees, but also to those in parachurch leadership and Christian university professors training students for global mission.

We couldn't be prouder of the impactful work that Erlacher and White have done with Mobilizing Gen Z. Their book illuminates new paths of understanding and engaging Gen Z, proving to be an essential tool for anyone involved in youth mission work.