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Xinjiang (The China Chronicles) (Book 6)

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Table of Contents


Reactions from Christians in China

The China Chronicles Overview


Chapter One: Secrets from Beneath the Sand

Chapter Two: Nestorians in Xinjiang

Chapter Three: Catholics in Xinjiang

Chapter Four: 1890s

Chapter Five: 1900s and 1910s

Chapter Six: George Hunter

Chapter Seven: Percy Mather

Chapter Eight: 1920s

Chapter Nine: The Trio

Chapter Ten: 1930s

Chapter Eleven: Slaughter in the Desert

Chapter Twelve: 1940s

Chapter Thirteen: The Back to Jerusalem Evangelistic Band

Chapter Fourteen: The Northwest Spiritual Band

Chapter Fifteen: Simon Zhao

Chapter Sixteen: 1950s and 1960s

Chapter Seventeen: 1970s and 1980s

Chapter Eighteen: 1990s

Chapter Nineteen: 2000s

Chapter Twenty: The Modern Back to Jerusalem Movement

Chapter Twenty-One: 2010s

Chapter Twenty-Two: 2017—The Year Everything Changed in Xinjiang

Chapter Twenty-Three: Genocide

Chapter Twenty-Four: A Christian Lament for the Uyghurs

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Future of the Church in Xinjiang


A: Evangelical Christians in Xinjiang (1888–2020)

B: Map of All Christians in Xinjiang

C: Table of All Christians in Xinjiang

D: Table of Ethnic Minority Groups in Xinjiang

E: Researching Christians in China

F: Map of China’s Christians


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About the Author

About Asia Harvest

Xinjiang (The China Chronicles) (Book 6)
Inside the Greatest Christian Revival in History
Paul Hattaway

God’s Mighty Acts in China

In The China Chronicles, Paul Hattaway draws on more than thirty years’ experience in China and numerous interviews with church leaders to provide insight into how the Living God brought about the largest revival in the history of Christianity.

Xinjiang, a vast region in northwest China, has been much in the news in recent years because of the plight of more than one million Muslim Uyghur people there. But Xinjiang also has a long Christian history. Today there are nearly one million believers, mostly among the Han Chinese who have migrated into the region in recent decades.

In this book, the sixth in the series, Hattaway focuses on the heroic efforts to reach the Uyghurs and other Muslim groups who remain largely untouched by the gospel.

The China Chronicles Series:

Book 1: Shandong

Book 2: Guizhou

Book 3: Zhejang

Book 4: Tibet

Book 5: Henan

Book 6: Xinjiang


  • Well-researched … Hattaway’s knowledge of the Chinese Church is encyclopedic … this book is wonderfully challenging.

    Patrick ForbesChristianity Magazine

  • A welcome contribution … an exciting, whistlestop tour of 150 years of Christian revival and miracles in Shandong Province … there is no shortage of inspiring lives and events.

    Lawrence BraschiChurch Times

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