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Where There Is Now a Church (2nd edition)

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Where There Is Now a Church



Chapter 1: A Message of Peace in a Place of Violence

Chapter 2: The Sowing Circle

Chapter 3: From Satan’s Castle to Jesus’ Palace

Chapter 4: The Forgotten Island

Chapter 5: The Mother Church and Her Many Children

Chapter 6: Sounds of Life in the Heart of the City

Chapter 7: Finding Holes in a Brick Wall

Appendix: Fruitful Practices, A Descriptive List



                    Relating to Society

                    Relating to Seekers

                    Relating to Believers

                    Relating to Leaders

                    Relating to God

                    Communication Methods

                    Fruitful Teams

                    Characteristics of Fruitful Faith Communities

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Format: paperback
Where There Is Now a Church (2nd edition)
Dispatches from Christian Workers in The Muslim World
James Nelson, editor
Christians serving in Muslim lands told their stories of challenge and change in the acclaimed Where There Was No Church. In this sequel, devoted workers provide detailed stories of praise and imprisonment and inspiring portraits of the spread of the Christian movement—including a growing church in the shadow of a mosque. Fruitful Practice researchers visited and interviewed about thirty church-planting teams on-site across six regions, translating and transcribing full tales of their cross-cultural gospel work.

Where There Is Now a Church provides seven case studies showing how God has established churches and church planting movements among Muslim peoples. Each case study is accompanied by thoughtful discussion questions and a list of the church-planting practices it illustrates. The expansive appendix explains, categorizes, and describes a more complete list of sixty-eight fruitful practices for evangelism and church planting in Muslim settings.

This readable and encouraging book describes many practices that can also be applied in non-Muslim contexts. This book will encourage veteran workers and inspire new servants to reach God’s children throughout the Muslim world. The bottom line is that the message of hope in the Bible can overcome anything.


  • Where There Is Now a Church is a must-read book. This book will encourage your faith in Christ. This book shines the light on God’s work among Muslims in Muslim nations. The family of Christ continues to grow.
    Fouad MasriWhat time is it in the “last days”? It is a unique time of seeing God gathering to Himself of those from the Muslim people groups. The writers have thoughtfully posed questions along the way so that we are digesting fruitful practices in timereleased dosages. You will have new perspectives as to how to join God in his Kingdom work!
  • What time is it in the “last days”? It is a unique time of seeing God gathering to Himself of those from the Muslim people groups. The writers have thoughtfully posed questions along the way so that we are digesting fruitful practices in timereleased dosages. You will have new perspectives as to how to join God in his Kingdom work!
    Samuel ChiangExecutive Director, International Orality Network
  • Where There Is Now a Church reveals fruitful practices at work through engaging, front-line workers’ accounts. The results are fruitful, disciple-making, multiplying churches. Our agency has implemented the fruitful practices, illustrated in this book and Where There Was No Church, in all our new initiatives among Muslim unreached people groups (UPGs). They have caused our agency to make major shifts in both focus and strategy with fruitful, enduring results.
    Jerry S.Director, Beyond Boundaries
  • Having observed scores of disciple-making movements up close over the last decade, it is clear that no two happen exactly the same way. What became more obvious year by year, is that they all have a DNA of the Kingdom of God that shapes how God’s people live out “on earth as it is in heaven,” and leaves the fingerprints of the Lord of the Harvest on transformed families and communities. Uniquely, narratives from the harvest have the ability to invite anyone into a dynamic learning context to experience those values and principles in action. That is exactlywhat you get, and more, from the seven accounts in Where There Is Now a Church. May the Fruitful Practice Research team continue to bring us more resources like this one.
    Jerry TrousdaleDirector of International Ministries, Cityteam, and author of Miraculous Movements: How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims are Falling in Love with Jesus
  • For 55 long years, I have waited to see our merciful God draw thousands of defiant Muslims to Himself; to see loyal but tragically hypnotized followers of the false prophet discover and “bow the knee” to the Saviour of the world. Hearing stories, too often by one teller only; who is too often a person without critical faculties; too eager to please the listener, who was too eager to hear of a breakthrough, I have had to fight skepticism. Hearing such invalidated accounts, I’ve often felt like John the Baptizer in prison asking Jesus, “are you the one who is to come or should we expect someone else?” The Lord Jesus sent back the fActs. Where There Is Now a Church is a much-appreciated effort to do just that. These accounts are more evidence that the King of Kings is not going to “write off” the Muslims—24 percent of the earth’s population for whom he sacrificed himself. Where There Is Now a Church portends the harvest for which so many have labored—for so long—and the horribly painful price it continues to cost. May these accounts bolster all of us to join him in that impending harvest!
    Greg LivingstoneFounder, Frontiers
  • For Christians from a non-Muslim background, this book is a wake-up call. Harvesting is happening among many Muslim peoples. Learning their heart language, cultural sensitivity, the use of poetry, music, oral story-telling, the place of dreams, healings, deliverances, the centrality of prayer and the Word of God, sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, risk taking for the gospel, creating communities of love are all exhibited in these case studies. Some breakthroughs will take your breath away. Others will lead to consternation as you read of new believers identifying themselves in ways you may not agree with. The 25-page appendix on 68 fruitful practices, many of which are illustrated in the case studies, is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to work with Muslims.
    Don McCurryMissionary-at-large, author of Healing
  • The Broken Family of Abraham: New Life for Muslims and Stepping Stones to Eternity: Jesus from The Quran to the Bible. Here is an important book that needs to be read. For almost 60 years the reaching of the Muslim peoples has been the largest single passion in my life next to my love for Jesus, my wife and family. I am still amazed how many people don’t realize what’s going on and I believe this vital unique book will help change that. For that we can only say AMEN!
    George Verwerfounder, Operation Mobilisation

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