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Vulnerable Mission

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  1. “The Name of God in Africa” and Related Contemporary Theological, Development, and Linguistic Concerns
  2. The Immorality of Aid to the “Third World” (Africa)
  3. Heart-led Development: An East African Study
  4. Pragmatic Linguistics Applied to Bible Translation, Projects, and Intercultural Relationships: An African Focus 
  5. “Material Provision” or Preaching the Gospel: Reconsidering “Holistic” (Integral) Mission
  6. Providence and Power Structures in Mission and Development Initiatives from the West to the Rest: A Critique of Current Practice 
  7. A Linguistic Case for the Necessity of Enculturation in Theological and Economic Teaching Based on the “Shape of Words”: Including a Case Study Comparing Sub-Saharan Africa with the West 
  8. Intercultural Dialogue: An Overrated Means of Acquiring Understanding Examined in the Context of Christian Mission to Africa 
  9. Mission to the South, Words to the North: Reflections on Communication in the Church by a Northerner in the South 
  10. Racism in Reverse: The Impact of the West on Racism in Africa 
  11. Good-by-default and Evil in Africa 
  12. The Magical Worldview in the African Church: What Is Going On? 
  13. Biblical Hermeneutics in Relation to Conventions of Language Use in Africa: Pragmatics Applied to Interpretation in Cross-cultural Context 
  14. Language in Education, Mission, and Development in Africa: Appeals for Local Tongues and Local Contexts
  • Glossary
  • Recommended Reading

Book Format: Paperback
by: Jim Harries (Author)
In this compendium, Jim articulates the impact of the nature and shape of the interface between the West and Africa, and how that interface works or does not work. Read on if you are interested in Africa, mission, development, globalisation, communication, linguistics, theology, dependency, or power dynamics in intercultural perspective. The conclusions reached in the fourteen articles in this compendium endorse Jim’s deepening conviction that some Western missionaries and development workers ought to engage in their ministries in Africa and the Majority World using indigenous languages and locally available resources. To this end, Jim and some of his missionary colleagues formed the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission in 2007.

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  • Pages: 304
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2011
  • ISBN: 9780878085248
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