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Understanding Latin Americans

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Table of Contents



Part I: Major Themes in Latin American Life 

  1. Similarities and ContrActs 
  2. Authoritarianism and Individualism 
  3. Idealism and Realism 
  4. Machismo and Hembrismo 

Part II: Backgrounds and Developments 

5. Social Structure and Evangelism 

6. Christo-Paganism 

7. Mariology in Latin America 

8. The Indigenous Churches in Latin America 





Understanding Latin Americans
With Special Reference to Religious Values and Movements
Eugene A. Nida

Despite their apparent similarities, the cultures of Latin American and North American differ remarkably. These differences sometimes cause misunderstanding and tragic failures in communication. In order to aid in mutual understanding, we need a study to find norms and shared values within different Latin American cultures.

Understanding Latin Americans helps readers gain new insights into matters that Latins themselves have explored and describe. Part I presents an analysis of basic Latin personality characteristics, as described primarily by Latin psychologists. Part II explores four aspects of the background and developments within Latin America religious life. Special attention is given to movements within Protestantism.

Eugene Nida sought to spur ongoing, productive dialogue between Latins and North Americans. This ambition motivated Nida to speaks meaningfully about similarities and differences between cultures. He explores an array of values that mark many spheres of Latin life, whether religious, philosophical, political, aesthetic, social, and familial. This book encourages readers to rethink cultural assumptions as we learn from one another.


  • University students in North America will enjoy this brief, readable tour of the high points of contrast between their ways and those of Latin America. Moreover, this is solid knowledge.
    Richard Millet Professor of History, Southern Illinois State University
  • Few North Americans have a grasp of the invisible realities of Latin America culture the way Eugene Nida does, and fewer still can capture it all on paper with such skill. This is essential text for anyone headed in that direction.
    Marvin Mayers Professor of Anthropology, Wheaton College
  • Few missionaries gather as much insight at the end of a career in Latin America as this book would have afforded them when they first began.
    Ralph D. Winter Professor of Missions, Fuller Theological Seminary

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