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The Korean Missionary Movement

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Table of Contents

Foreword—David Tai Woong Lee

Foreword—William D. Taylor

Preface—Steve Sang-Cheol Moon


1. The Korean Missionary Movement: Dynamics and Trends, 1988–2013

2. Missions from Korea: Minitrends and Issues (2006–2013)

3. Missions from Korea 2013: Microtrends and Finance

4. The Korean Missionary Movement in a Global Age (2000)

5. The Recent Korean Missionary Movement: A Record of Growth,
and More Growth Needed

6. The Protestant Missionary Movement in Korea: Current Growth and Development

7. The Korean Missionary Movement and Leadership Issues (2008)

8. Missions from Korea 2012: Slowdown and Maturation

9. Missions from Korea 2014: Missionary Children


10. Missionary Attrition in Korea: Opinions of Agency Executives

11. Glocalizing Korean Missions (2007)

12. The Performance Level of Korean Missionaries in Turkey (2007)

13. The Leadership Styles of Korean Missionaries

14. Partnership in Korean Missions (2010)

15. Multifaceted Global Partnership: The Case of the Korea Research Institute for Mission

16. Missional Accountability in Korean Contexts

17. The Promise, Limitation, and Future of Empirical Research in Missions

18. Missionary Families and Korean Mission Finance: Realities and Concerns

19. The Korean Hostage Incident: Seven Lessons Learned
David Tai Woong Lee and Steve Sang-Cheol Moon

20. The Place and Function of Research in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom

21. Korean Missionary Children and Their Educational Needs

22. Korea and the Middle East: Religious Encounters

23. The Educational Ministries of Korean Missionaries




by: Steve Sang-Cheol Moon (Author)
This book provides the most thorough, penetrating analysis of trends in Korean missions to date. Seasoned researcher Steve Sang-Cheol Moon maps the relatively recent rise and explosive growth of the Korean missionary movement, studying the mission force and significant themes in its experience over a twenty-five-year period. These articles and papers supply data on every facet: mission fields and ministry foci; finances; age, marriage, family, and general demographics; training and credentials; burnout and attrition; education of missionary children; leadership trends; and global partnership. These chapters do not merely catalogue statistics—they probe beneath the surface to ask hard questions and set priorities for Korean missions. Moon explores painful subjects such as the 2007 hostage incident involving short-term workers in Afghanistan, and chronic concerns like workaholism and missionaries’ retirement. Ultimately, however, he finds much to commend and celebrate, tracing God’s providence in making Korea, within the span of a few decades, a dynamic leader in global missions.


  • This volume is probably the best portrait available of what God has done through a young church, a church that itself was emerging from a series of national calamities. . . . It has been my joy to see the way Steve Moon has operated as a researcher during the past twenty-five years. . . . His work is based on hard data and is planted on solid ground.
    David Tai Woong LeeDirector, Global Leadership Focus, Seoul, Korea
  • Packed with statistics and numbers and percentages, trends and longitudinal studies and case studies, Moon’s research boldly and creatively mines the Korean church and mission movement, driving shafts deep into its golden missiological heart. . . . This book is perhaps the most serious analysis of any national mission movement, providing a template for other nations, both Global North and South.
    William D. TaylorSenior Mentor, Mission Commission World Evangelical Alliance Austin, Texas

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