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The Evangelization of the World

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Table of Contents


Preface by the Translator

Author’s Postscript to the French Edition


Book I: The History of Missions Through the
Late Eighteenth Century

Section I The Church of the First Centuries

1. Apostolic Mission: From the Ascension to the End of the First Century
2. The Mission of the Persecuted Church: From the Apostle John to Constantine (100–313)
3. Evangelization in the Fourth Century: The Imperial Church and Expansion Beyond the Roman Empire

    Section II Mission in the Middle Ages

    4. The West: From the Fifth to the Eighth Century.
    5. Islam and the Decline of Christianity in the East
    6. The Last Step in the Expansion of the Church in Europe: From the Ninth to the Tenth Century
    7. The Churches of the East and West Confronted by Islam
    8. The Extension of the Church beyond Europe (400–1450)

      Section III Catholic Mission: From the Renaissance through the Eighteenth Century

      9. New Horizons in Europe
      10. Catholic Mission in the Americas
      11. Catholic Mission in Africa
      12. Catholic Mission in Asia and Oceania

      Section IV The Emergence of Protestant Mission

      13. Protestant Missionary Thought
      14. The Beginnings of Protestant Mission
      15. The First Missionary Societies (1670–1800)
      16. The Moravians

        Book II: A Concise History of Missions from 1792 to 1945

        Introduction to Book II

        Section I The Birth of the Principal Protestant Societies in the Age of Modern Missions

        1. Precursors and Founders
        2. The Missionary Societies of the “Second Wave”

          Section II Protestant Mission in Asia

          3. William Carey: “Father of Modern Missions”
          4. Protestant Missions in India and Neighboring Countries
          5. Protestant Pioneers in China: Robert Morrison and Karl Gutzlaff
          6. Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission
          7. Protestant Missions in the Far East

            Section III The Evangelization of the Pacific Islands

            8. Tahiti and the Society Islands
            9. Two Pioneers of the Pacific: John Williams and John Paton
            10. The Loyalty Islands and New Caledonia

              Section IV The Evangelization of Africa

              Part One: Southern Africa

              11. The First Missionaries in South Africa
              12. David Livingstone: Missionary and Explorer
              13. Francois Coillard: Founder of the Zambezi Mission

                Part Two: West Africa

                14. Dramatic Beginnings
                15. A Self-supporting Church
                16. Coastal Regions of West Africa
                17. The Ivory Coast
                18. Protestant Mission and the Foundation of the Church in Cameroon
                19. The Sudanese Regions

                  Part Three : Central Africa and Madagascar

                  20. The Belgian Congo: Exploration, Evangelization, and Foundation of a Church
                  21. An African Prop het: Simon Kimbangu
                  22. The Pioneers in the Region of the Great Lakes
                  23. The Horn of Africa
                  24. French Equatorial Africa
                  25. Angola
                  26. Madagascar

                    Part Four: North Africa and the Near East

                    27. Evangelistic Presence in the Maghreb and Egypt
                    28. The Gospel in the Near East

                      Section V Protestant Mission in Latin America

                      29. From Protestant Immigration to Evangelization
                      30. Development of Protestant Missions in Latin America

                        Section VI Concluding Points

                        31. Protestant Mission and Colonization
                        32. The World Missionary Conferences




                          Book Format: Paperback
                          by: Jacques A. Blocher (Author), Jacques Blandenier (Author), Michael Parker (Contributors)
                          Written in an engaging style and intended largely for a lay audience, The Evangelization of the World tells the remarkable story of how Christianity grew from an insignificant Jewish sect in the first century until, by the beginning of the twenty-first century, it had become the world’s first truly global religion. The book is careful to explain historical context and mission theory, but the foci of the narrative are the great personalities of mission—the Apostle Paul, St. Martin of Tours, St. Patrick, St. Francis Xavier, John Eliot, Count Von Zinzendorf, William Carey, Robert Morrison, David Livingstone, Mary Slessor, Albert Schweitzer, and many others—who make this account of the expansion of the church a fascinating and often dramatic tale. In addition, the book does not neglect the great mission conferences of the twentieth century, nor does it avoid the controversial aspects of mission that, in many instances, continue to vex the movement today.

                          Additional Details

                          • Pages: 772
                          • Publisher: William Carey Library
                          • Binding: Paperback
                          • Publish Year: 2013
                          • ISBN: 9780878080175
                          • Vendor: William Carey Library