The Centrality of Christ in Contemporary Missions (EMS 12)

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Table of Contents

  • Author Profiles
  • Foreword by Michael Pocock
  • Introduction by Michael Barnett


I. The Centrality of Christ

  • 1. Is Jesus Really the Only Way? by George Murray
  • 2. The Uniqueness of Christ and Missions by Patrick Cate
  • 3. Christ Centered Epistemology: An Alternative to Modern and Postmodern Epistemologies by Michael Pocock
  • 4. The Relevance of Jesus as the Source of Salvation and Mission for the Twenty-First Century Global Context by William J. Larkin


II. Christ in Contemporary Missions

  • 5. Missions and Jesus in a Globalizing World: Globalizing and the Pluralistic Jesus by Harold Netland
  • 6. Missions and Jesus in a Globalizing World: Mission as Retrieval by Harold Netland
  • 7. Jesus and the Pagan West: Missiological Reflections on Evangelism in Re-enchanted Europe by Michael T. Cooper
  • 8. WDJS- What Does Jesus Say...About Receptivity? by Cecil Stalnaker


III. Missiological Insights

  • 9. A Christocentric Understanding of Linguistic Diversity: Implications for Missions in a Pluralistic Era by Samuel Larsen
  • 10. Leadership and Teams in Missions, Jesus-style by Mike Barnett
  • 11. The Inescapable Christ: The Significance of E. Stanley Jones' Christology for Twenty-First-Century Missiology by John Moldovan
  • 12. How Do They Think? Understanding and Teaching Religious Belief Systems for Twenty-First-Century Missions by Norman Allison




by: Mike Barnett (Editor), Michael Pocock (Editor)
Is Jesus really the only way? What is unique about Christ and missions? How can a new understanding of Jesus Christ bridge the gap between modern positivism and post-modern relativism? Can we learn from the model of Jesus how to be more effective mission workers? This volume (Number 12) of the annual Evangelical Missiological Society series offers answers to these questions and more as it discusses the clear and relevant communication of the centrality of Jesus Christ.

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  • Pages: 324
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  • Publish Year: 2005
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