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About the Authors

Grounding the Next Steps: A Personal Fitness Assessment

The Big Picture: It’s Risky Business

Charting Your Journey to the Nations

Participate in the Story of His Glory


The Missionary Need Today: Profile of a Critical Role

How to Use the Profile

cross cultural Church Planter Profile

Evaluating Your Readiness: From a Real Case Study

Phase 1: Getting Ready – Stretching

Step 1: Personal Spiritual Formation

Step 2: Body Boost: Getting on-the-job experience at home

Step 3: Exposure to other cultures

Step 4: Basic Education

Phase 2: Getting There – Linking

Step 5: Church agency contact and candidacy

Step 6: Ministry assignment search

Step 7: Hands-on missionary training

Phase 3: Getting Established – Bonding

Step 8: Apprenticeships and Internships

Step 9: Lifelong learning

Step 10: Finishing Strong


Format: Paperback
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Your Journey to the Nations
Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor
This hands-on workbook has been designed for two kinds of people: those who have a deep desire to serve God overseas and those who want to help them. It has not been designed to persuade people to become missionaries. Rather, it assumes an initial interest—an early indication or drive somewhere inside that God may have more for you than you previously thought. It is aimed at two primary readers: college/university students and young career persons, as well as committed older adults facing the challenge of an early retirement or career change.

The information this workbook presents will also help churches, campus groups, schools, missionary training centers, and agencies to think and pray through short-term and long­term plans with those responding to God's call.


  • What could be more electrifying than keen guidance about the maximum role God has for you? Two outstanding authors lift this book above all others on this issue.
    Ralph WinterU.S. Center for World Missions
  • We want the world to know Jesus, but how? Here’s a book to show the way. It sparkles, it encourages, it informs, and it makes the steps to get there not so impossible to take. You can make a difference, and this book can be a pivotable part!
    Patrick JohnstoneWEC InternationalAuthor, Operation World
  • I meet people all over the world who are volunteers to go—praise God! Here is a book that will help them get there.
    George VerwerPresident, Operation Mobilization

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  • Pages: 130
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 9780878082940
  • Vendor: William Carey Library