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Preparing Missionaries for Intercultural Communication

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Introduction: Purpose and Scope

Chapter 1 - Understanding the Need

Chapter 2 - The Need for the Missionary to Understand the World

Chapter 3 – The Need to Understand Social Structures

Chapter 4 – The Need for Adequate Language Learning

Chapter 5 – The Need for Adequate Culture Learning

Chapter 6 – The Need to Understand the Importance of Worldview

Chapter 7 – The Need to Understand the Dynamics of Culture Change

Chapter 8 – Preparing Bicultural Missionaries

Chapter 9 – Understanding the Biblical/Theological Dimensions

Chapter 10 – Conclusions



About the Author

Format: Paperback
Preparing Missionaries for Intercultural Communication
A Bi-cultural Approach
Lyman E. Reed

Missionaries often receive little training in understanding the world in which we live and some experience great hardship out in the field as a result. The purpose of Preparing Missionaries for Intercultural Communication is to enable cross-cultural missionaries to be more adequately prepared for the task of intelligent communication. Lyman E. Reed sets forth the major areas which are important in training the missionary to communicate with other cultures.

By being prepared for cross-cultural communication, the missionary will be more sensitive to the needs of others in a cross-cultural context and thereby be a better communicator of the Christian message, being less ethnocentric and more appreciative of national believers and their worldview.


  • This book was born out of years of faithful and fruitful service in a most demanding Third World missionary situation. It reflects the breadth of the author’s personal training in schools noted for their efforts to take the full measure of today’s world in order to responsibly train missionary and national church leaders to be more relevant and effective in their service. The insights of this book reflect broad and selective acquaintance with the best in current missiological literature on this subject.
    Arthur F. GlasserSeam Emeritus, Fuller School of World Mission

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