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Megachurch Accountability in Missions

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Table of Contents

—Christopher J. H. Wright
—Kyusam Han
—Timothy Kiho Park
—Jinbong Kim
1 To Whom Is a Megachurch Accountable?
A U.S. Case Study 
— Scott Thumma
2 Response to “To Whom Is a Megachurch Accountable?” 
—N. Yong Sung
3 Bible Study 1. The First Megachurch in the Bible:
A Lesson from Acts 2 
—Eiko Takamizawa
4 The Accountability of Megachurches in Missions:
Onnuri Church, Seoul 
—Jae Hoon Lee, Daniel S. H. Ahn,
and Tae Kyung Ham
5 Response to “The Accountability of Megachurches
in Missions” 
—Wesley Granberg-Michaelson
6 Várzea Paulista Assembly of God: A Case Study
of a Brazilian Megachurch’s Missionary Outreach 
—Timothy Carriker

7 Response to “Várzea Paulista Assembly of God” 
—Han Young Lee
8 Hong Kong Korean Exodus Mission Church:
A Model for the Diaspora Church 68
—Jinbong Kim
9 Response to “Hong Kong Korean Exodus
Mission Church” 
—Peter Tze Ming Ng
10 A Medium-Size Korean Church
and a Small Korean Church in Mission 
—Jinbong Kim
11 Response to “A Medium-Size Korean Church
and a Small Korean Church in Mission” 
—Peter Tze Ming Ng
12 African Megachurches and Missions: Mavuno Church,
Nairobi, and the Challenge of Accountability
—Mark Shaw and Wanjiru M. Gitau
13 Response to “African Megachurches and Missions” 
—Stephen S. Park
14 Megachurch–Mission Agency Interaction:
A Case Study of SaRang Church 
—Pil-Hun Park
15 Response to “Megachurch–Mission Agency Interaction” 
—Mark Oxbrow
16 Bible Study 2. Acts 11:19–30, 13:1–3: Diaspora, Ethnic
Diversity, and the Mission of the Church 
—Darrell Jackson
17 Hillsong Megachurch Network:
Christianity in Global Cities 
—Miranda Klaver
18 Response to “Hillsong Megachurch Network” 
—Timothy Kim
19 Megamission in Historical Perspective:
Megachurch Missions, Hope or Anomaly? with Special Reference to Korean Cases 

—Kyo Seong Ahn
20 Response to “Megamission in Historical Perspective” 
—J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
21 Kaneshie Church of Pentecost: A Case Study
of an Ordinary-Sized Church in Missions 
—Opoku Onyinah
22 Response to “Kaneshie Church of Pentecost” 
—Kyungsool (Joshua) Kim
23 Korean Megachurches in Mission:
Observations of a Korean Pastor/Missionary 
—Chang Ju Kim
24 Response to “Korean Megachurches in Mission” 
—Joseph Shao
25 The Megachurch and the Mission Agency:
A Case Study in Missiological Symbiosis 
—Christopher DeWelt
26 Response to “The Megachurch and the Mission
—Myung Soo Park
27 Bible Study 3. Prayer: The Fuel of Mission 
—Charles Agyinasare
28 From Hartford to the Ends of the Earth:
The Mission Mobilization Initiatives
of the First Korean Presbyterian Church
of Greater Hartford 
—Sun Man Kim
29 Response to “From Hartford to the Ends of the Earth” 
—Ben Torrey
30 Mission Initiatives by Korean American Megachurches:
Current Trends 
—Won Sang Lee
31 Response to “Mission Initiatives by Korean American
—Carlos L. Malavé
32 Megachurches and Mission: Lessons and Challenges
The Theme of Megachurch Accountability
in Missions 
—J. Nelson Jennings
Similarities and Differences among Megachurches
in Latin America 
—Jorge H. López
Missional Roles of the Megachurch, Illustrated
by Missionary Works
of the Yoido Full Gospel Church
—Tae Wook Um
Mission-Megachurch Relations 
—Kyung Nam Park
A Lesson from the Korean Methodist Church 
—Dong Hwa Tae
Global Missions at Our Doorsteps 
—Woosung Calvin Choi
33 KGMLF 2015: A Summation 
—Hyung Keun Choi
34 Megachurches, Heroes, Technology, Mission, and
—Dwight P. Baker

Book Format: Paperback
by: Dwight Baker (Author), Steve Sang-Cheol Moon (Author), Jae Hoon Lee (Author), J. Nelson Jennings (Author), Jinbong Kim (Author)
Megachurches are of relatively recent vintage. Their numerical strength invests them with social and financial power. To whom, if anyone, however, are megachurches accountable? What role do they play as innovators in missions? How have their enormous influence and financial strength been harnessed? What lessons can be learned? What course corrections ought to be made? Over the course of a week, the third meeting of the Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum (KGMLF), held in Korea in 2015, addressed these and related questions. Combining the insights of a rich mix of Korean and international megachurch leaders and scholars, Megachurch Accountability in Missions: Korean and Global Case Studies offers analysis, critique, and positive recommendations for future megachurch engagement in mission. This book is the third volume in KGMLF’s Accountability in Missions series.


  • This book is far more significant than its title may suggest. It is a missiological mine, from which readers may bring up valuable material, not only about megachurches, but also on migration and diaspora, multiple patterns of church and ministry, intercultural relations in mission, the place of Korea in World Christianity, South-South dynamics in mission, and many other topics. It deserves a wide circulation.
    Andrew F. WallsUniversity of Edinburgh, Liverpool Hope University, and Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Ghana
  • In an age of shifting demographics and evolving mission structures, Megachurch Accountability is a timely and important book. Around the world, megachurches are shaping missional conversations and providing vast resources for missions and outreach. The authors reflect on this growing phenomenon from historical, missiological, biblical, and practical perspectives. I highly recommend this book as a substantial contribution to an urgent conversation about contemporary mission practices.
    Dana L. RobertTruman Collins Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission Boston University School of Theology
  • Megachurch Accountability in Missions exposes a tendency present globally, but particularly in Korean and Korean American churches, for megachurches to become unilateral sending agencies. Too often the result ignores the value of partnerships with experienced mission agencies and is insensitive to local contexts. The multicultural presentations and responses in this book provide valuable insights and practical guidance for greater missional effectiveness of churches large and small.
    Jerry RankinPresident Emeritus International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention
  • Megachurches should take on missional responsibilities worthy of their size and capability. Based on the Bible’s teaching regarding the church’s divine purpose and with many examples from around the world, this book will serve as a guideline for examining where megachurches now stand and the direction in which they are headed.
    Billy KimFormer President, Baptist World Alliance Chairman, Far East Broadcasting Company in Korea

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