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Lessons Learned in the Lion's Den

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Table of Contents

A Note to the Reader

  • Part 1
  • 1. Calling
  • 2. Preparation
  • 3. A New Culture
  • 4. Fruit
  • 5. The Unseen World
  • 6. Threats and Challenges
  • 7. A New Country
  • 8. The First Detainment
  • 9. The Second Arrest
  • 10. Prison
  • 11. The Word
  • 12. Daily Routine
  • 13. Visitors
  • 14. An Ending and a Beginning
  • 15. Lessons Learned
  • 16. Sara’s Story
  • 17. A Letter from a Friend
  • 18. Ezekiel’s Story
  • 19. Lea’s Story
  • Part 2
  • 20. An Exhortation from God
  • 21. Praise
  • 22. Purification
  • 23. Prayer
  • 24. Proclamation
  • 25. Passion & Purpose
  • 26. Power
  • 27. Perseverance
  • 28. Persecution
  • 29. Proximate Believers
  • 30. Presence in a Community
  • 31. Partnership
  • 32. Pitfalls
  • 33. Your Race with God.

Appendix 1: Family Devotional
Appendix 2: Fifteen Principles of Disciple Making Movements (DMMs)
Appendix 3: Glossary

by: Daniel Waheli (Author)
Lessons Learned in the Lion’s Den shares the journey of one missionary family as the father is detained in a predominantly Muslim country in Africa.  Daniel Waheli’s time spent in prison is ripe for building intimacy with the Lord in the midst of confusion, suffering, and uncertainty. The accounts of his wife and two young children offer a glimpse into the inner life of the family during this trying time. The heart of this story is not a man imprisoned, but a family united—in hope, love, and a pressing desire that God be glorified in all things.

In a world where mission strategies come and go and often fall short of being effective, Waheli distills his experience into twelve principles for building character to better serve the Lord and persevere in His call. Whether you are a pioneer among unreached people groups or simply a Christian hungry to see Jesus glorified in your daily life, these tried and true concepts will prepare you to endure in the face of hardship.


  • Read this book to know what it was like for this modern-day Daniel to pray in the lion’s den.  Read it to find out what it was like for his wife, his son, and his daughter to hope and pray and feel afraid during his captivity... There is an anointing on the lessons Daniel wants to burn into your heart.
    Bob BlincoeUS Director, Frontiers
  • In the years I have followed the lives and ministry of Daniel Waheli and his family, I have come to regard them as examples of Christian discipleship and cross-cultural church planting at its best.  Now comes this book that profoundly humbles, challenges, and motivates me.
    Herschel Rosserchurch planting mentor and coach, Vineyard USA

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  • Pages: 194
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2015
  • ISBN: 9780878086221
  • Vendor: William Carey Library