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Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia

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Table of Contents

  • Abbreviations
  • Maps
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author's Introduction
  1. Flash Forward
  2. A Royal Destiny?
  3. Color-blind Bonding
  4. Camaraderie and Conflict
  5. Scattering
  6. Storm Clouds in the North
  7. Revolution!
  8. Facing Marxism
  9. A Chinese Connection
  10. Magnet of the Heart
  11. The Trap Snaps Shut
  12. From Cage to Cage
  13. End of the World?
  14. The Agony of Waiting
  15. Deliverance
  16. Ambushed
  17. Another World Opens
  18. Consummation
  19. The Noose Tightens
  20. Bright Horizons
  21. The Beginning
  • Epilogue
  • Glossary

by: Kay Bascom (Author)
When Kay Bascom and her doctor husband landed at a hospital in southern Ethiopia, they found themselves face to face with first generation believers in their first love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Witnessing the Marxist Revolution and the subsequent persecution of the Christian church, Kay was burdened to make known the incredible account of "hidden triumphs in Ethiopia" to the outside world. After interviewing over one hundred people, she chose Negussie's true-life story as representative of that era's triumph.  


  • Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia could be a chapter right out of the book of Acts or Hebrews. Against the backdrop of Ethiopia’s tribulation under a cruel Marxist regime, Kay Bascom graphically follows the true adventures of an unlikely hero, ‘crippled’ Negussie, whom terror could not silence . . . . Hidden Triumph is a contemporary addition to the amazing saga of the church in Ethiopia. It should challenge and encourage Christians everywhere.
    W. Harold FullerSIM Canada

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  • Pages: 166
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2001
  • ISBN: 9780878086061
  • Vendor: William Carey Library