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Ethnic Realities and the Church in Kurdistan

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Chapter 1 17th Century Mission in Kurdistan

Chapter 2 19th Century Mission in Kurdistan

Chapter 3 A Misunderstanding Agreed Upon

Chapter 4 20th Century Mission in Kurdistan, 1900–1990

Chapter 5 The Historical Churches Since World War I

Chapter 6 A Brief Missiology for Workers

Appendix A Nestorian, Chaldean, Assyrian, and Syriac

Appendix B An Assyrian Liturgy from the 19th Century

Appendix C List of Translations of Scripture into Kurdish Glossary

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Ethnic Realities and the Church in Kurdistan
Lessons from Kurdistan
Robert Blincoe
Between Iraq and a Hard Place. Before I moved to study Arabic in Jordan, friends said I should “wait until the Middle East calms down.” They were even more emphatic after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Instead, we moved to Kurdistan, where people live “between Iraq and a hard place.” This is the history of remarkable missionaries who came before us. They learned lessons the hard way; that hasn’t changed. The “great experiment” that they undertook for 200 years did not produce the results they hoped for. No doubt the next generation of missionaries will learn their own lessons, sometimes the hard way, but with more wisdom for having been careful students of the past.


  • This study of mission work among the Kurds is the most comprehensive and best survey in existence. It captures the dedication and perseverance of the missionaries and the obstacles they encountered. But its greatest contribution is in the evaluating the missiological decisions they made up to the threshold of the present decade, in which some Kurds, without an earthly homeland, have found a heavenly one through Him who had no place to lay His head.
    J. Dudley Woodberry, PhDdean emeritus and senior professor of Islamic studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

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