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Ethnic Realities and the Church: Lessons from India

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Table of Contents


Terminology and References

Introduction: The Church in India: Its Matrix, Denominations, Distribution, Particularities and Types

Part I. The Five Basic Types

  • 1. Syrian Churches
  • 2. Fully Conglomerate Churches
  • 3. Monoethnic Churches from Caste
  • 4. Monoethnic Churches from Tribe
  • 5. Modified Multiethnic Churches

Part II. The Four Secondary Types

  • 6. Urban Conglomerates
  • 7. Urban Monoethnics
  • 8. The Great Conglomerates
  • 9. The Indigenous Churches

Conclusion: The Coming Great Growth of the Church in India

Appendix A. An Ecclesiological Point of View

Appendix B. Caste and Brotherhood








Format: Paperback
by: Donald A. McGavran (Author)
Ethnic Realities and the Church delves into the delicate and subtle relationship between new Christians and non-Christian relatives as faith is spread and churches are built. Drawing from 36 years of missionary experience in India, Donald McGavran details nine types of churches in India. He provides a way to better understand the Church as it relates to the socioeconomic, sociological and anthropological realities of its members in India and beyond. He describes church growth in the country, but also underlines the important sociological factors that can affect it. Ethnic Realities and the Church presents more than lessons from India, it equips missionaries, evangelists, and church leaders with understanding of ethnicity and how it affects the structure and spread of congregations and denominations in every land.

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  • Pages: 276
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 1979
  • ISBN: 9780878081684
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