Following Jesus in the Hindu Context

The Intriguing Implications of N.V. Tilak's Life and Thought
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Narayan Vaman Tilak was raised in western India in a Brahmin family as a Hindu of the highest caste. He was an ardent nationalist and gifted poet. Baptized in 1895, he remained one of the most highly placed Hindu leaders to turn to faith in Jesus Christ. This book tells Tilak’s story as a pioneer in Protestant mission history.

  • ISBN: 9780878082889
  • Pages: 145
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1999
  • Publisher: William Carey Library

Table of Contents


Foreword by Harvie M. Conn



  1. Introduction
  2. Early Years
  3. Restless Wanderer
  4. Conversion
  5. Confusion
  6. Lakshimbai
  7. Christian Service
  8. Early Witness Among Hindus
  9. Finding Christ
  10. The Indian Heritage
  11. Sannyasa
  12. Final Days
  13. Epilogue


Appendix: Pray!



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