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Following Jesus in the Hindu Context

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Table of Contents


Foreword by Harvie M. Conn



1. Introduction

2. Early Years

3. Restless Wanderer

4. Conversion

5. Confusion

6. Lakshmibai

7. Christian Service

8. Early Witness Among Hindus

9. Finding Christ

10. The Indian Heritage

11. Sannyasa

12. Final Days

13. Epilogue

Appendix: Pray!



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Book Format: Paperback
Following Jesus in the Hindu Context
The Intriguing Implications of N.V. Tilak's Life and Thought
by: H. L. Richard (Author)

Narayan Vaman Tilak was raised in western India in a Brahmin family as a Hindu of the highest caste. He was an ardent nationalist and gifted poet. Baptized in 1895, he remained one of the most highly placed Hindu leaders to turn to faith in Jesus Christ.

Tilak was never fully at home in the westernized systems of church and mission life in India.  He was a pioneer in adapting Hindu forms for the expression of biblical faith.  After 21 years in mission service, Tilak resigned in 1917 and entered the fourth stage of traditional Brahmin life, sannyasa or renunciation.  In this last brief stage of his life, Tilak saw himself as an apostle to India and sought to gather a fellowship of both baptized and unbaptized disciples of Jesus.

Following Jesus in the Hindu Context tells Tilak's story as one of the outstanding pioneers of Protestant mission history.  His life and ministry contain critically important insights for all students of the interaction between Christianity and other religions, particularly between biblical and Hindu faiths.


  • I have found in this biography of Tilak the story of a Christian struggling with his context and with the ever-present issue of how to lift up Jesus in the uniqueness of the context... This book is an exciting step in examining the Christian past to aid the Christian future... Surely all of us must recognize the challenge it makes.

    From the Foreword by Harvie M. Conn Westminster Seminary
  • Tilak is a significant figure in Indian Christian history, but is not so well known in the West... Tilak deserves attention and should be studied by missiologists, strategists, theologians, historians, and others interested in authentic contextualization. 
    Roger E. Hedlund Centre for Southern Asian Studies

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