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Culture and Human Values

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Human Values in Communication

Religion, Drives and the Place Where It Itches

Reciprocity in Identification

Sponsorship: The Difference Between Good News and Propaganda Self-Exposure: Bridge to Fellowship

A Choco Indian in Hillsboro, Kansas

Aureliano: Profile of a Prophet (with F. Glenn Prunty)

The Way to First Class: Revolution or Conversion?

Cultural Setting of Communication

Good News for the Waunana

The Church Among the Choco of Panama

The Choco and their Spirit World

Lengua Indians and Their "Innermost"

Lengua Festivals and Functional Substitutes

Shamanism, Illness and Power in Toba Church Life

Communication for Stability and Change

Socialization and Social Control: A Resume of Processes

The Indigenous Church and Resocialization Socialization and Conversion in the Ongoing Church The Church: Indigenous and Ecumenical

From Tribal Society to National Church

Healing Through Communication

Confession, Catharsis and Healing

Confession in the Indigenous Church

The Social Context of Guilt and Forgiveness

Four Kinds of Forgiveness

Missionary Method and Role

Field, Term and Timing in Missionary Method

Bible Stories: Message and Matrix

Literacy: Bridge in Choco Evangelism

Mission to Smaller Tribes: Challenges, Problems and Responsibility

A Message for Missionaries from Mopass

Role, Self-Image and Missionary Communication

(with Anne Loewen)

The "Missionary" Role (with Anne Loewen)

Format: Paperback
Culture and Human Values
Christian Intervention in Anthropological Perspective
Jacob A. Loewen
Culture and Human Values explores the intricate relationship between culture and the values that shape human behavior and beliefs. Drawing from real-life encounters and ethnographic research, Jacob Loewen delves into the profound influence of culture on individuals and communities, examining how cultural values become the core of people's way of life.

Through captivating anecdotes and insightful analysis, the book uncovers the significance of cultural universals in various societies. It highlights the crucial role of values as the hub around which cultures revolve, affecting every aspect of human existence. From the impact of money in missionaries' lives to the centrality of war for ancestral cultures, the Loewen demonstrates how values shape perceptions, actions, and even spirituality.

Moreover, the book underscores the importance of cultural awareness for effective cross-cultural communication, particularly in the context of missionary work. It emphasizes the need for missionaries to comprehend and respect the values of the cultures they encounter, as well as the reciprocal learning that takes place in such interactions.

By exploring these themes, Culture and Human Values offers valuable insights into the complexities of culture and its profound influence on human behavior, providing a compelling perspective on the intersection of culture, values, and communication.


  • As an anthropologist, Dr. Loewen is particularly sensitive to the human and personal factors in personal and group behavior, and his is especially competent in describing some of the spiritual dimensions in the development of indigenous leadership.
    Eugene A. NidaExecutive Secretary, American Bible Society, and well-known author
  • This volume is destined to be fascinating and helpful to generations of cross-cultural messengers of the gospel.
    Charles R. TaberProfessor of World Mission, Emmanuel School of Religion
  • Loewen’s articles are always concise, always readable, and always sensitive to cross-cultural differences and feelings.
    Donald L. LarsonChairman, Department of Language Science, Bethel CollegePrincipal, Toronto Institute of Linguistics

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