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Come Quickly Dawn

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Table of Contents

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Part I: The Disciple
1. An Awakened Church Body Sharpens its Blade Preparing for Battle
2. A Bold Body Realigns its Agenda to Move in a Healthier Direction
3. The “Old Serpent” Eyes an Awakening Flock, Coils, and Strikes
4. Demons Come Riding into Town, Mounted on Foreign Dollars
5. Social Activists Use the Spirit’s Sword Instead of Weapons of Steel
6. Hell’s Fiend Launches an Arrow Labeled “Cruel Rules”
7. The Serpent’s Creeping Spawn Infiltrates an Unwary Community
8. Despair Torments the Souls of the Faithful
9. Severe Ordeals Mold Tiger’s Character
10. Passive Hearing and Mindless Emotion Replace Genuine Worship
11. The Faithful Discern God’s Way Out of a Maze of Deception

Part II: The Shepherd
12. Tiger’s Decisiveness Overcomes Panic and Spineless Conformity
13. Violence Erupts during Sham Worship
14. Despair Lures Tiger to Stumble
15. Arson’s Blaze Displays the World’s Hatred for Jesus’ Followers
16. A Hurricane’s Fury Awakens Compassion in God’s People                                                                                                                                                                                                       17. A Deal Made in Darkness Imperils the Faithful
18. Tiger Shuns Popular Trends that Lure Churches into Mediocrity

Part III: The Leader of Leaders
19. The Path to Becoming a Godly Leader Holds Unwanted Surprises
20. Concerned Leaders Balance Discipling with Mercy Work
21. False Religion and the Occult Open Hell’s Broad Door
22. Peacemakers Raze Satan’s Divisive Walls
23. Rabbits and Elephants Love and Serve Each Other

Appendix A: Vital Ministries Checklist
Appendix B: Index of Leader’s Tasks

by: George Patterson (Author), Jeff Rollins (Contributors)
Come Quickly Dawn offers a unique reading experience. This fully integrated hybrid is both a fast-paced novel and an incisive training tool. It equips one to evangelize in a way that spreads like measles, to make disciples who actively obey Jesus, and to multiply churches or cells. The best way by far to prepare an effective shepherd or church multiplier is to do it as Jesus and Paul did it: take apprentices with them to where the action is happening. Its simulated trip conveys one out of a familiar comfort zone to a setting similar to that of many peoples among whom God is working powerfully, as in the book of Acts.


  • People love stories. Jesus knew this and so he told stories. Patterson has captured a wonderful way to teach people about church planting. When people learn through stories, it becomes so much easier and more enjoyable and therefore more effective. The principles in it are spot on and the activities at the end of each chapter encourage obedience. This book is a great church planter’s manual.
    Pamela Arlund, PhDdirector, All Nations
  • George Patterson is father and mentor to us all. Long a pioneer in church planting and multiplication, both directly and indirectly through thousands of disciples around the world, Brother George is once again pushing the envelope, showing us how the Kingdom is advancing leaving countless transformed lives and discipleship communities in its wake. This time Dr. Patterson has pioneered a new genre in communication: the “training novel.” Who knew this maven of church planting could also write riveting prose? Missionaries, pastors, church planters, and every kind of adventurous Christian will be gripped and blessed by George Patterson’s Come Quickly Dawn! It is a powerful blend of narrative and wisdom that unpacks the secrets of how God is at work redeeming even the most calloused souls for Christ.
    David Garrison, PhDmissionary author, church planting movements
  • George Patterson has mentored leaders in many countries who have made breakthroughs leading to widespread church planting movements. Much of the wisdom gleaned through his vast experience has been incorporated in Train and Multiply, a “menu-driven” program now used in many languages to train shepherds in church planting movements.
    Galen Currah, DMissformer adjunct instructor, Western Seminary
  • George Patterson’s instructive fiction is so true-to-life that when I underlined phrases, it bled.
    John Mulholland, PhDformer professor of missions, Columbia Biblical Seminary

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  • Pages: 414
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2012
  • ISBN: 9780878084715
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