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A People Reborn

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Donald McGavran

Introduction to First Edition, 1929

Introduction to Second Edition, 1950

Chapter 1- The Sattelberg Congregation

Chapter 2 – About the Awakening

Chapter 3 – Life Awakens

Chapter 4- Characteristics of New Guinea Congregations

Chapter 5- The Individual and the Clan

Chapter 6- Of Christian Personalities

Chapter 7- A Leading Personality

Chapter 8- “They Are Good for Nothing”

Chapter 9- Congregational Independence

Chapter 10- The Congregational Meeting

Chapter 11 – Church Order

Chapter 12 – Residues of Heathenism

Chapter 13- About Preaching

Chapter 14 – The Baptism in the Stream

Chapter 15 – The Communion in the Forest

Chapter 16- Pride

Chapter 17- New Guinea and Singing

Chapter 18- New Guineans and Prayer

Chapter 19- Marriage

Chapter 20 – The Congregation and Polygamy

Chapter 21- Of Brown Women

Chapter 22- Action by Women

Chapter 23- The Divorce Question

Chapter 24 – A Mistake

Chapter 25 – The Curious Case of Basing

Chapter 26- The Deepest Fall

Chapter 27- A Village Is Excluded

Chapter 28- The Great Housecleaning

Chapter 29- A Baptism That Wasn’t

Chapter 30 – The Battle Against Lying

Chapter 31 – A Mean Bargain

Chapter 32 – The First Christian Suicide

Chapter 33 – All Kinds of Demons

Chapter 34 – The First Joint Assembly

Chapter 35- Toward an Indigenous Church

Chapter 36- The Second Common Assembly

Chapter 37- The Seventh Common Assembly

Chapter 38- The Merciful Christ

Chapter 39- Church Christianity and Tribal Unity

Chapter 40- Deviating Mission Methods

Chapter 41- Europeans and New Guinea

Chapter 42- The Farewell

Chapter 43 – Into the Depth

Chapter 44 – The Eemasang Movement

Chapter 45- The Money Magic

Chapter 46 – The New Testament

Chapter 47- War Time

Chapter 48- The Second Generation

Chapter 49 – Europeans and Missions

Chapter 50 – An Earnest Summary

Chapter 51- Guidelines for Missionaries

Format: Paperback
Christian Keysser
Written by a Lutheran missionary with twenty-one years of experience in New Guinea, A People Reborn describes how a primitive tribe was transformed into a functioning Christian congregation. The author brings together anthropology and biblical theology in providing insights into church growth and proposing an effective model of a people reborn.


  • This is absolutely basic reading – one of those rare books that should have been translated long ago. It’s profound but simply stated word of wisdom is that the individual has significance only as a member of a people-community. This is congregation-centered mission thinking, at every turn challenging our individual thinking; this is biblically rooted, reality-encountering, mission thinking, that draws deeply from the Lutheran heritage. In gathering the wisdom of the New Guinea experience it speaks directly to all cross-cultural workers and also to pastors in their varied congregations.
    Paul V. MartinsonAssociate Professor of Missions, Luther Theological Seminary
  • All Christians, especially Lutherans, owe Dr. McGavran and William Carey Library a great debt for publishing this gem, long sealed in the German language. Written by a giant, after 21 years in New Guinea transforming a vigorous tribe into a sound Church (a people community), it brings together anthropology and biblical theology, shows doctrines of church, ministry and discipline working together, provides insights into church growth, and proposes an effective model of functioning Christian congregation.
    Dr. Waldo J. WerningConcordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne

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  • Pages: 340
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
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  • Publish Year: 1980
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