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A People For His Name

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Table of Contents

Foreword to the First Edition

Foreword to the Revised Edition


Part 1: Biblical Basis of Mission Strategy

1. Our Mission Defined

2. Paul's Cultural Milieu Described

3. The Bible: A Missionary Book- The Old Testament

4. The Bible: A Missionary Book- The New Testament

Part 2: Strategic Role of the Home Church

5. The Church Defined

6. The Church and Its Missionaries: The Pastors

7. The Church and Its Missionaries: Initial Steps

8. The Church and Its Missionaries: Further Steps

9. The Church and Its Missionaries: Material Support

10. The Church and Its Missionaries: Personal Support

11. The Missions Policy of the Church

12. Missions Promotion in the Church

Part 3: Strategic Role of the Mission Agency

13. The Mission Agency Serves the Church

14. Functions of the Mission Agency

Part 4: Strategic Role of the Missionary

15. Missionary Accountability to Churches and Mission Agency

16. Missionary Responsibility on the Field

Part 5: Strategic Role of Theological School

17. Administers in the Theological School

18. Faculty in the Theological School

19. Students in the Theological School

Part 6: The Divine Imperative in Missions Strategy

20. The Imperative of the Holy Spirit

21. The Imperative of Christ's Coming



Subject Index

Scripture Index


Book Format: Paperback
A People For His Name
A Church-Based Missions Strategy
Paul A. Beals (Author)
In world missions, the author proposes, the local church is the biblical sending body through which missionaries serve. The author places emphasis upon the practical outworking of the mission responsibilities of the local church as well as its relationship to mission agencies, missionary personnel, and Christian schools.


  • If a library were to be limited to just one book on the Christian mission, A People for His Name might well be that book!  And those who have availed themselves of the first edition of this book will certainly want to procure this revised edition.  The changes scattered throughout the book are important.  And the whole is well calculated to enable both clergy and laity, both missionary practitioner and missionary supporter, to understand Christian missions in a way that no other missionary text actually does.

    David J. Hesselgrave

  • Dr. Paul Beals has produced the most easy-to-read, all encompassing source book on his subject that I have yet encountered.  His experience as a missionary in Africa enables him to understand the viewpoint both of missionaries and of the national churches they establish.  Yet his years spent promoting the role of North American churches as senders of missionaries qualify him equally to appreciate the viewpoint of pastors and mission committees.  Further, his long tenure as a seminary professor has given him intimate knowledge of theological and academic perspectives on missions.

    Don Richardson

  • Paul Beals has written a masterful overview of the roles of local churches, mission boards, missionaries, and theological schools in the biblical fulfillment of the Great Commission.  A People for His Name is a call to action and an exhortation to think more seriously about the entire structure that we call the sending process.

    Evangelical Missions Quarterly

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