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Equipping for Global Mission (EMS 32)

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Gregory Mathias

Part I: Reflections for Educating for Mission

Chapter 1: Renewing Contemporary Mission Education by Applying Ancient Principles

Evelyn Hibbert

Chapter 2: Rescuing the Mind from the Academics

Paul Cornelius

Chapter 3: Missionary Education and Great Commission Participation

Kenneth Nehrbass, David Dunaetz, and Joyce Jow

Chapter 4: Future Missionary Training

Craig Ott and Minwood Heo

Part II: Proposals for Educating for Mission

Chapter 5: Allowing a Theology of Mission to Shape Theological Education in the Majority World

Will Brooks

Chapter 6: The Local Church as Missions Academy

Phil Wagler

Chapter 7: Competency-Based Missiological Education: Its Time Has Come!

Larry Caldwell

Chapter 8: Digital Transformation for the Next Generation: Learning by Doing

Andrew Feng and Nick Wu

Chapter 9: Our Mission Education Methods from Cognitive Teaching to Connected Learning

Sarah K. Lunsford

Chapter 10: Finding Theological Reciprocity: Mission Education from the Global South

Jessica Udall

Part III: Case Studies from the Global Church

Chapter 11: Incorporating Apologetics into Contemporary Missions Education in North America

Matt Cook and Matthew Sokoloski

Chapter 12: Cultivating African American Missionaries: A Discipleship Model for Churches

Mimsie Robinson

Chapter 13: Mission Training On the Move: A Case Study of All Nations Christian College

Richard Evans

Chapter 14: Collaboration: Accelerating Formal and Non-formal Pastor Training

Joseph W. Handley Jr.

Chapter 15: The Intersection of Two Missiological Voices: A Contemporary Education Model for Chinese Missionaries

Daniel Low

Chapter 16: Leadership Development of Indian Missionaries in Today’s Context

John Amalraj Karunakaran


Equipping for Global Mission (EMS 32)
Theological and Missiological Proposals and Case Studies
Linda P. Saunders, Gregory Mathias, Edward L. Smither (editors)

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Publication Date: August 13, 2024

From Cognitive Teaching to Connected Learning 

Given the landscape of global Christianity and the variety of approaches to theological and missiological training today, how do we equip the global church for the mission of God? Should mission organizations or sending churches conduct their own in-house training? What is the role of Bible colleges and seminaries in equipping for mission today? What about informal approaches to theological and ministry training?

Equipping for Global Mission offers insights from seasoned scholars and practitioners. Beginning with theological convictions and practical reflections, our authors make a case for what equipping for mission could look like in the present global church. Case studies from India, China, North America, and Britain further challenge the reader to reflect on this critical issue.

The full scope of educating for mission is far too broad of a task for any single organization. This is why the contributors serve the church so well—by enlarging a much-needed conversation. This book is a clarion call to all who care about missions and the global church. Join world leaders in reshaping missions education today by using the practical and strategic wisdom in these pages.


  • S. J. Harris's quote, "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows," serves as an invitation for theologians and missiologists to revisit how education and missionary work intersect in our dynamic world. This perspective encourages the global church to extend its vision outward, using these “windows” to engage more effectively as it carries out the Great Commission. This volume is a commendable step towards realizing this aspiration.

    Rev Riad Kassis, PhDInternational Director, Langham Partnership

  • Partnering with humility and grace in God’s great global mission, this book is an extraordinary collection that provides both dreams and innovative approaches for mission education in the contemporary world. With regional sensitivity and awareness of shifting realities, this text is highly recommended for all those training leaders for global cross-cultural engagement.

    Perry Shaw, EdDAuthor, Transforming Theological Education

  • The present monograph is filled with outstanding articles and case studies that explore the intricate relationship between education and mission. The seasoned scholars contributing to it have introduced ideas that provoke reevaluation of conventional approaches to mission education within theological institutions. Furthermore, they have delineated methods and resources tailored to meet the needs of individuals currently engaged in missionary work or aspiring to enter the field. This volume is highly recommended for its insightful content.

    Frew Tamrat, PhDPrincipal, Evangelical Theological College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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