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Worship and Mission for the Global Church

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International Council of Ethnodoxologists (ICE) Copyeditors


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by: James R. Krabill (Editor), Frank Fortunato (Editor), Robin P. Harris (Editor), Brian Schrag (Editor)

Worship and Mission for the Global Church offers theological reflection, case studies, practical tools, and audiovisual resources to help the global church appreciate and generate culturally appropriate arts in worship and witness. Drawing on the expertise and experience of over one hundred writers from twenty countries, the volume integrates insights from the fields of ethnomusicology, biblical research, worship studies, missiology, and the arts.

This book is the first in a two-volume set on the principles and practices of ethnodoxology. The second volume, entitled Creating Local Arts Together, guides the practitioner through a detailed seven-step process of assisting a local community’s efforts at integrating its arts with the values and purposes of God’s kingdom.


  • The voices I treasure resonate in this book. Chanting and memorization, trauma healing, how hymnbooks stimulate literacy, how to commission artistic works—with 148 chapters the scope is mind blowing, yet the material remains highly accessible and applicable. This book would appear to be the definitive work.
    Miriam Adeney, PhD teaching fellow, Regent College associate professor of World Christian Studies, Seattle Pacific University
  • As a worship director and pastor I have longed for a resource that could help me train worship leaders. In the past I had to piecemeal various chapters from books or journal articles from different voices. Now, however, I have many of these very expert voices in one timely resource.
    Sandra Van Opstal, MDiv worship director of Urbana 12 Missions Conference, author of The Mission of Worship
  • Wow! What a great gift to the global church! This book and the accompanying resources can only enhance the ministry of worship and evangelism for those who give time to studying and applying its lessons. Well researched, creative, stimulating, and biblically rooted, this is a highly significant resource for all those who have a vision to see the church planted and growing amongst all the peoples of the world.
    Lindsay Brown, DD international director, The Lausanne Movement
  • It is not that those who lead worship around the world are not connected; we share the deepest connection by way of the Spirit of Jesus. It is only that we hunger for integration with fellow sisters and brothers and long for a means to share with one another. James Krabill and his team of contributors have provided all we need to nurture that kind of integration, to share our stories, our creative seed with the family of faith around the world.
    Michael Card Bible teacher, songwriter
  • With over one hundred writers from more than twenty countries, this is a work that lives up to its name: Worship and Mission for the Global Church. Drawing on theological, historical, and contextual perspectives on worship and the arts, the handbook pursues new and significant territory for the life of the church. Holding worship and mission together is a much-needed emphasis for our times.
    Dennis P. Hollinger, PhD president and Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • The world’s leading ethnodoxologists have assembled an impressive array of contributions from every part of the world to present us with a snapshot of what global Christianity is all about. It is a picture of unity in diversity—Christians from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds worshiping the same Lord in innumerable tongues.
    Todd M. Johnson, PhDassociate professor of Global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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  • Publish Year: 2013
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