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Practicing Hope (EMS 28)

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Sadiri “Joy” Tira 


Jerry Michael Ireland

Chapter 1-Singing about Suffering: A Vernacular Theology of the Cross in Nigeria’s Middle Belt

Zachariah Chinne and Kenneth Nehrbass

Chapter 2-The Church as a Refuge and Christ’s Healing Work in the Middle East

Daniel W. O’Neill

Chapter 3-From the Classroom to the Disaster: Developing DREM Missionaries

Michelle Raven 

Chapter 4-Straddling the (Razor-wire Topped) Wall: How Women’s Prison Informs Mission to Tijuana in a Time of Crisis

Linda Barkman

Chapter 5-Mission Amid the Crisis of Persecution: Challenges and Guidelines for Research and Training

J. D. Payne

Chapter 6-A Firebird Rises: Ukrainian Christian Unity Forged from a Modern Crisis

Marc T. Canner

Chapter 7-Dying to Witness: Early Franciscan Missions to the Muslim World

Robert L. Gallagher

Chapter 8-Contextual African Concepts for Peacebuilding in Contexts of Violence: A Panoramic Overview

Uchenna D. Anyanwu

Chapter 9-Mission Amid Sixth-century Crises: Reflections on Gregory the Great, the Mission to England, and Thoughts for Today

Edward L. Smither

Chapter 10-Grace, Suffering, and the City in the Theology of a Chinese House Church Movement

Hannah Nation

Chapter 11-Contextualization of the Gospel for North Korean Ideology: Engaging with North Korean Refugees

Robert Holmes and Eunice Hong

Chapter 12-Terror Management Theory: Missiological Applications in Times of Crisis

Dave Dunaetz


Practicing Hope (EMS 28)
Missions and Global Crises
Jerry M. Ireland and Michelle L. K. Raven, Editors

The Greatest Crisis is Being Separated From Christ.

In the constant swirl of human suffering, the church has long wrestled with appropriate responses. As crises come and go, the need for the church’s theological, missiological, and practical readiness remains, so that people not only survive but thrive in the context of a crisis. 

Practicing Hope brings together global scholars and practitioners who share and think broadly about the church’s mission in a world rife with crises. Rather than harmonizing the voices of the contributors to provide general guidelines for generic crisis response, Practicing Hope allows the reader to hear multiple perspectives on complex issues such as sustainability, empowerment, human rights, biblical principles, and missio Dei (mission of God). These essays highlight that being separated from Christ is the focus that will keep the church from losing its raison d’être—its reason for being. 

This book provides a potent reminder that crises are not the end; sometimes they are the beginning of something better. In these chapters, you will find stories of hope amid unimaginable darkness. Practicing Hope describes what it really means (not just in theory, but in practice) to be the salt of the earth and light of the world (Matt 5:14–15). We hope that you will be inspired, as Jesus said in the pArable of the Good Samaritan, to “go and do likewise."

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  • Pages: 216
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  • Publish Year: 2020
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