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Globalization and Its Effects on Urban Ministry in the 21st Century

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Table of Contents

• Preface: The Convergence of Colleagues: Westminster’s Urban Program - Susan S. Baker, Roger S. Greenway, and William C. Krispin
• Introduction: Globalization, Urbanization and Mission - Susan S. Baker

Section 1: Globalization
• 1. Globalization: How Should Mission Respond? - Susan S. Baker
• 2. Contextual Theologies: The Problem of Agendas - Harvie M. Conn
• 3. Globalization, Africa, the Church and Its Mission: An Introduction - I.W. (Naas) Ferreira
• 4. Post-Christianity and Renewal in London - Michael Eastman

Section 2: Reconciliation
• 5. Commitment to Reconciliation: The Cost and the Future - Manuel Ortiz
• 6. Chinese American Protestant Christianity: A History on the Margins - Jeffrey K. Jue
• 7. “If You Want Peace, Work for Justice”: Reflections on the Ministry of Reconciliation - Mark R. Gornik
• 8. The Aftermath of Ethnic Cleansing: How the Church Can Make a Difference - Ondrej Franka
• 9. Northern Ireland: A Time for Healing - William A. Shaw

Section 3: church planting
• 10. The Ends of the Earth Have Come to New York: A Church Multiplication Movement in the NY Metro Area - John A. Algera
• 11. Repentance and Bonding Dynamics Within Cross-Cultural church planting Teams - Kyuboem Lee
• 12. Hybrid church planting Among North African Muslim Immigrants Living in France - John S. Leonard
• 13. church planting in South America’s Urban Centers - Manuel Sosa

Section 4: Leadership Development
• 14. Perspectives on Emerging Church Leadership - Timothy Z. Witmer
• 15. Theological Education in a Global Setting: The African Context - Jonathan T. Iorkighir
• 16. Mentoring: Developing Urban Leaders in Chicago - Pedro Aviles

• Author Profiles
• Bibliography
• Index

Book Format: Paperback
by: Susan S. Baker (Editor)
When we think about globalization with the eyes and heart of a sovereign mission God, we must recognize the vast opportunities before us as God is moving His people around the world, bringing the gospel with them in new and different ways. Globalization and Its Effects on Urban Ministry in the 21st Century is an attempt to broaden the views of individuals and institutions alike to what God is doing around the world and how He is accomplishing His purposes through globalization. The book is organized around the four overarching themes of globalization, reconciliation, church planting, and leadership development.

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