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Mobilizing Gen Z

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Table of Contents


Part 1: A Changing Missions Context 

Chapter 1: Cultural Shifts 

Chapter 2: Post-Christian America 

Chapter 3: Post-Missions Priorities and Perceptions 

Chapter 4: The Global Age of Missions 

Part 2: Understanding Gen Z 

Chapter 5: Introduction to Gen Z  

Chapter 6: Trends Influencing Gen Z 

Chapter 7: Gen Z Mindsets & Goals 

Chapter 8: Gen Z Identity & Sexuality 

Chapter 9: Gen Z Faith & Ministry Perspectives 

Part 3: Mobilization Strategies 

Chapter 10: Relationships 

Chapter 11: The Coaching Approach 

Chapter 12: Coaching Conversations 

Chapter 13: Communication 

Chapter 14: Motivation and Calling 

Part 4: A Vision for the Future 

Chapter 15: Beyond Mobilization 

Chapter 16: Global Collaboration 

Chapter 17: Leading Innovation 

Chapter 18: For Such A Time As This 

Mobilizing Gen Z
Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Age of Missions
Jolene Erlacher and Katy White

A God-Designed Generation for a God-Given Task

The scale and scope of the global, technological, and cultural changes of the past two decades are unprecedented. For the first time in history, American churches and agencies are mobilizing from a post-Christian cultural context and to new collaborations with a global mission force. Amidst these rapid changes, how can mission leaders continue to ensure that we fulfill the Great Commission mandate to disciple Christ-worshippers from every tribe, tongue, and nation?

In Mobilizing Gen Z, Jolene Erlacher and Katy White blend leading research with the voices of current mission practitioners to unpack the dynamics behind our changing culture and the resulting impact on the church. And perhaps not-so-surprisingly, they reach the conclusion that God has already provided a solution for such a time as this —Gen Z (b. 1996–-2010).

Through an in-depth profile of this rising cohort—their characteristics, worldview, strengths and weaknesses—the authors illustrate both why Gen Z is sorely needed and why we must seek to engage them differently than previous generations. Encouraging and winsome, Mobilizing Gen Z provides practical tools and strategies for engaging, equipping, and retaining Gen Z missionaries. Are we ready to pass the torch?


  • This is a must-read for those who care about both the future of missions and the Generation Z goers who can lead the way to a humble partnership with the global church. Jolene and Katy’s approach is research-based, compassionate, and never settles for easy answers. Most importantly, it’s hopeful.
    Rebecca Hopkins, Award-winning journalist and former global worker  
  • In Mobilizing Gen Z, Jolene Erlacher and Katy White help move us beyond the shocking reality that “everything” has changed and continues to change in the world of missions mobilization to a place of hopeful reengagement fueled by a vision of something new, something beautiful. They offer insightful views of the challenges and the opportunities inherent to mobilizing Gen Z as whole-life, whole-world disciples.
    Ruth Hubbard Vice President, Urbana, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • If we want to see the name of Jesus made famous in every tongue, tribe, people, and nation, we must send more missionaries. In order to do that, we will have to contextualize the missions message to the next generation of believers. Erlacher and White not only conducted the research but share from their experience as well in this masterfully written book. It will revolutionize the way you mobilize Gen Z.
    Dave Jacob Director of mobilization, World Gospel Mission Founder and Director, Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention
  • As a Gen Z “goer” myself, I recommend this book to all who find their hearts wrapped in the Great Commission and yet baffled by how to move forward. Katy and Jolene have articulated an insightful vision of today’s missional landscape that helps me understand, and adapt to, the cultural moments we find ourselves in. I’ve seen firsthand in my own journey the unique challenges facing this generation and how the mobilization strategies outlined in this book have served to propel me forward—for such a time as this!
    Jenna Gen Zer serving in East Asia
  • I want to see a copy of this book in the hands of every mission leader and mobilizer I know. The authors weave intense, scholarly research into the fabric of an engaging read. They balance an honest look at Gen Z’s strengths and weaknesses with an understanding and appreciation for that generation. They present a realistic yet inspiring picture of what Gen Z can bring to the cause of missions—but not only that. They also provide the tools other generations need for mentoring Gen Z to “take the same commission, the same glad message” and “bear the torch … proclaiming that Jesus died and rose.”
    Don Johnson Assistant to US Director, SEND International Board Chair, MissionWorks
  • The baton of the Great Commission is being handed to the emerging leadership of Gen Z, and Jolene and Katy’s book comes at the right time. Mobilizing Gen Z provides critical insights for leaders to better understand and prepare Gen Zers for the unique challenges and opportunities of what lies ahead. The authors bring a passionate and clear message characterized by sound research and Spirit-led discernment that reveals the incredible potential and fit for Gen Z in God’s global mission. I highly recommend this book to leaders who are influencing this generation to reach the world with the gospel.
    Darin Kindle Vice President of academic Affairs, Bethany Global University
  • Insightful. Hope-filled. Visionary. Jolene and Katy offer a compelling re-imagination of the future of missions within a post-missions culture in where Gen Z will lead this global “everyone to everywhere” movement with the marks of awareness, humility, and collaboration. As Christians wrestle with trends in missions, this book on Gen Z is absolutely essential, offering a culturally attuned and compelling vision for tomorrow.
    Jesse Kroeze Executive Director, Touch the World
  • Jolene and Katy do a great job of unpacking critical insights into the challenges faced by Gen Z and their journey toward being “goers.” Mobilizing Gen Z is a must-read for parents and leaders of both the church and mission organizations if we are to successfully disciple Gen Z toward effective ministry, especially in the overseas context. Don’t miss out on being a part of how God is working through Gen Z to show his mercy to the world he dearly loves!
    Rachael Stoner Mother of Four Gen Zers Pilot and Aviation Engagement Manager, JAARS, Inc.
  • In this timely book, Jolene and Katy provide global mission organizations with much needed clarity and advice as we seek to draw Gen Z into action on the field. They have done a masterful job of laying the foundation for understanding current generational struggles with clear strategies for addressing their needs. This book does not skirt hard issues nor does it seek to give simplistic answers; rather, it encourages us to love a new generation that is being raised up for “such a time as this.”
    Eric Kellerer Director of Waypoints, Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • We all struggle to understand young people in the context of missions. How refreshing to read a book that synthesizes the historical and modern realities impacting the thinking of Gen Z. Even more, what a joy to read about a future in missions where we harness the strengths of the very people we are seeking to understand. God has a plan and has provided people of each generation to carry the gospel to the world. Jolene and Katy help us comprehend and see past the challenges of today, and that it is not about the demise of missions, but about revising how we do missions to reach still more for generations to come!
    Brian Heerwagen CEO,

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