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Community Arts for God's Purposes

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Table of Contents


Prepare Yourself


Use the Creating Local Arts Together Method

Creating Local Arts Together (CLAT) Summary

Step 1:        Meet a Community and Its Artistic Genres

Step 2:        Specify Kingdom Goals

Step 3:        Connect Genres to Goals

Step 4:        Analyze Genres and Events

Step 5:        Spark Creativity

Step 6:        Improve Results

Step 7:        Celebrate and Integrate for Continuity


Closing Matter

Closing 1: Community Arts Profile (CAP) Outline

Closing 2: Summary Decision Rubric

Closing 3: Creating Local Arts Together (CLAT) Summary



Fig. 1         Careful Contextualization

Fig. 2         Creating Local Arts Together

Fig. 3         Simple Arts Engagement Activities

Fig. 4         Creating Local Arts Together (CLAT): A Summary

Fig. 5         Studying the Community: Some Questions to Ask

Fig. 6         How to Recognize Artistic Communication Acts

Fig. 7         Genre Comparison Chart

Fig. 8         Simplified Overview of Connecting Genre to Goals

Fig. 9         Advice for Audio and Visual Recording

Fig. 10       Characteristics of an Artistic Event Suitable for Study

Fig. 11       Categories of Performance Features

Fig. 12       Things to Write Down When Designing a Sparking Activity

Fig. 13       An Approach to Effective Evaluation

Community Arts for God's Purposes
How to Create Local Artistry Together
Brian Schrag and Julia Rowe

People communicate by speaking words in over seven thousand languages around the world. They also sing, dance, paint, preach, dramatize, and design communication that enlivens heart, soul, mind, and strength. God gave every community unique gifts of artistic expression to enable its members to proclaim the Truth and to bring healing, hope, and joy to others in the fallen world in which we live.

Community Arts for God's Purposes highlights the CLAT (Creating Local Arts Together) method, a seven-step process that inspires artistic creativity and collaboration with local musicians, dancers, storytellers, actors, and visual artists. In this manual, the arts are treated as special kinds of communication systems, connected to specific times, places, and social contexts. As local communities use the creative gifts developed in their particular culture to worship God and extend his kingdom, a beautiful example of the Lord’s complex artistry emerges.

This book helps communities draw on examples and insights from over two thousand years of church history to understand and improve the present. It motivates people by painting a vivid picture of a better future: the kingdom of Heaven. Contributors also apply expertise from multiple academic disciplines, such as ethnomusicology, performance studies, anthropology, biblical studies, and missiology.

Experiment with this manual. Adapt it to your setting. Let it be an aid in creating astounding bits of artistry on earth that you’ll recognize in Heaven. 

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  • Pages: 88
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: paperback
  • Publish Year: 2020
  • ISBN: 9781645081807
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