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A Third of Us

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Table of Contents


1. Who Are “A Third of Us”?

2. The Priority of Jesus’ Last Words

3. Our Model for Reaching

4. The Magnitude of Reaching

5. The Method of Reaching

6. The Message We Share

7. The Means of Reaching

8. Why Reach A Third of Us 

9. Opposition to Reaching A Third of Us 

10. A Third of Us and You



A Third of Us
What It Takes to Reach the Unreached
Marvin J. Newell

A Great Need Requires a Great Response 

Today, over three billion people, a third of humanity, have yet to hear the good news of Jesus. They have no opportunity to believe in him as their Savior and find peace with God through him. Of all the injustices in the world—and there are many that are quite distressing—this is the worst, because of the eternal consequences. A third of anything is significant—especially this third.

In light of this staggering need, Marv Newell explores the five Great Commission passages, where Jesus methodically unfolds the essence of the disciples’ task. A Third of Us is not just an invitation to be aware of the need, but a rally cry for today’s disciples to respond. Writing to the whole body of Christ, Newell casts a vision for multiple ways to get involved in reaching the unreached.

When finishing the task set by our Savior feels overwhelming, this practical and inspiring book points us back to Jesus’ words with hope. So. . . are you ready to reach A Third of Us?





  • Just this past week I came across an (older) article dismissing the terminology of the “Unreached” for a lack of clarity. Dr. Marv Newell’s book provides just that: clarity to the nature of the unreached, clarity of our Savior’s commission and clarity of the gospel message that we live and proclaim. It is a pleasure to commend to you Dr. Newell’s book, A Third of Us: What It Takes to Reach the Unreached as a gospel-centered theology of mission for today’s world.

    Steve Coffey  

  • The cause of the unreached has been lost in the business of the church. This book is a rally cry for all Christians. Dr. Newell makes a strong and clear case that will light a fire in the hearts of believers.

    Jon Fugler Board Chairperson, Alliance For The Unreached

  • It is a sobering thought to those of us in the mission community that 2,000 years after receiving our marching orders from Jesus with the Great Commission, more than a third of the world’s population is still unreached. Marv’s words are a must read for individuals, churches, and agencies alike to bring focus and initiative to reach those destined for an eternity separated from God.

    Scott Holbrook President, Avant Ministries

  • The Great Commission to make disciples of all nations over 2,000 years ago, remains unfinished today! Dr. Newell's latest book points out how Jesus’ chronological commissions continues to be relevant for finishing the task of world evangelization. An essential resource for every church leader, local pastor and seminary professor.

    Ken Katayama President & CEO, Crossover Global

  • If you are passionate about the final words of Jesus then you must read this book! Marv does an amazing job of describing the Great Commission and the imperative nature of every believer to find their expression of involvement. He’ll give you scriptural support, statistics and inspiring testimonies. This book will open your eyes fresh and anew to the realities of those who still wait for their first encounter with Jesus.

    Greg Kelley CEO/Executive Director, World Mission

  • God has always had the redemption of individuals on his heart! Getting the Good News to every man, woman and child on planet earth is on His mind and heart. As believers, we have a unique privilege of seeing the reality of people’s coming into God’s eternal family. Psalm 2:8 is a template for us: “Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance and the ends of the earth you possession.” As a believer, as I ask God for the nations, He will respond with opportunities for expansion of His Kingdom. Marv Newell, gives a compelling case for each of our involvement in reaching people. Read and have your spiritual imagination enlarged.

    Lauren Libby International President, TWR International

  • There is no book more important during these significant global challenges and gospel opportunities. As someone who has dedicated his life to reaching the unreached, I’m so excited and challenged by this significant work from Marv Newell to get into the hands and hearts of God’s people. May God use this book to see a new wave of Gospel servants dedicate their lives to “bring the gospel to the last third of peoples globally!” May we commit together to pray and put into practice these challenging truths from my good friend and global colleague.

    Dave Meyers CEO, ZimZam Global

  • We pay close attention to a persons “last words” before they leave this life. Jesus’ last words were his command to make disciples of every ethnic group to the very ends of the earth. We should pay attention. 1/3 of the world population is “unreached” with no access to the Gospel. Yet only 1% of mission giving goes to reach the unreached. And only 3% of missionary workforce work among the unreached 1/3. Author Marv Newell points to the urgency of our Lord’s mandate. And outlines the methods and means to reach over 3 Billion with no church, no Bible, no missionary. Marv’s writing is well-researched, compelling and convicting. Reading and digesting this important book will change your perspective and could change your life. Highly recommended reading!

    Wayne Pederson Global Ambassador, Far East Broadcasting (FEBC)

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