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I Will Do A New Thing (2011 Edition)

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Table of Contents

  • Forwards
  • Timeline
  • Preface
  1. Let the Earth Hear His Voice
  2. Through the Valley of the Shadow
  3. The Twenty-five Unbelievable Years
  4. A Missing Link
  5. If You Believe . . . It’s Yours
  6. Dreams
  7. A New Thrust
  8. No Turning Back
  9. If You Ask Anything in My Name
  10. I Signed and Sealed the Deed
  11. Stan Petrowski
  12. My God Shall Supply All Your Needs
  13. Bethlehem’s Star
  14. The Church Universal and Triumphant
  15. You Fight Against Spiritual Darkness
  16. A Power Encounter
  17. Barrels of Water
  18. Not Many Mighty
  19. Mail Time
  20. He Does Everything Well
  21. The Jericho Marches
  22. D-day
  23. God Did a Miracle
  24. Your Young Men Shall See Visions
  25. I’ll Show You Which Ones
  26. God’s Arithmetic
  27. Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
  28. Temptation
  29. What Do You Hold in Your Hand?
  30. For the Honor of His Name
  31. First Forgive
  32. Study to Show Thyself Approved
  33. Lord, Do It Again!
  34. But for the Glory of God
  35. Not One Detail Will He Miss
  36. Victory in Disguise
  37. I Will Give Them Hearts That Respond
  38. Deliver Us from Evil
  39. His, for Better or Worse
  40. I Want You to Trust Me
  41. Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence . . . Persevere
  42. Together with All the Saints
  43. Everything That Concerns You
  44. I Will Do a New Thing
  45. You Will Have to See It to Believe It
  46. You Always Do What You Say
  47. The Lord Was Overseeing the Entire Situation
  48. I Will Show You What to Do
  49. The Lord Longs to Be Gracious
  50. In Due Season He Will Honor You
  52. Great is Thy Faithfulness
  53. I Will Praise You, O Lord
  54. To Whom Much is Given
  55. I Am with You Always
  56. Let Us Go Up at Once
  57. Having Done All, Stand
  58. The Power of Powerlessness
  59. He That is Faithful in That Which is Least
  60. Fitting into His Plans
  61. The Kingdom Strikes Back
  62. Called to Serve
  63. Thy Kingdom Come
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix One: The Missionary God
  • Appendix Two: A Tribute to Roberta Winter
  • Appendix Three: The Roberta Winter Institute
  • Index

by: Roberta H. Winter (Author)

The Unfinished Task

It all started when Ralph Winter gave an address at Lausanne called “The Unfinished Task,” urging the missions world to focus on a new type of evangelism to reach “hidden” or “unreached” peoples. Soon he and his wife Roberta were founding a center to help mission agencies fulfill that task. Around them gathered a group of experienced missionaries, computer scientists, and unusually dedicated young people in order to buy a college campus. This story, as told by Roberta, of their cliff-hanging prayer meetings and spiritual battles with a cult will reignite your determination to work with Jesus to “finish the Father’s work” (John 4).

This new edition includes previously unpublished chapters from her original manuscript, and an updated epilogue inviting you to partner with the USCWM today, as the task remains unfinished. Don’t read this story unless you’re willing to have your horizons stretched, your faith tested, and your future disturbed!

Additional Details

  • Pages: 440
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2011
  • ISBN: 9780878084500
  • Vendor: William Carey Library