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To the Ends of the Earth (Second Edition)

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Chapter 1- Who Is This Kristosi?

Chapter 2- Angels of the Road

Chapter 3- The Kingdom and the Power: Facing Demons

Chapter 4- Coffee Branch Preacher

Chapter 5- Optimism, Faith, and The Mud Hole In Between

Chapter 6- Beautiful Wounds, Beautiful Feet

Chapter 7- Two By Two

Chapter 8- Satan’s Valley

Chapter 9- The End Of The World

Chapter 10- The People at the End of the World

Chapter 11- Blood, Baboons, and Water Holes: Odd Jobs and Strange Ministries

About the Author

To the Ends of the Earth (Second Edition)
And What Happened on the Way There
Malcolm Hunter
Do you need a little adventure in your life? Could you use a laugh with a helping of inspiration? Then strap your boots on with this amazing travelogue as Malcolm Hunter, a born storyteller, journeys with Jesus across East and North Africa among the nomadic peoples of the Sahara and beyond. 

Jesus is always on the move.
The question is: If we follow Him, where will we end up?

An expert on nomadic peoples, Malcolm Hunter shares stories from a lifetime of working in some of the world’s most remote, colorful, and neglected communities. In the early 1960s Malcolm and his wife, Jean, arrived in Ethiopia with only their professional skills—medicine and engineering—and a desire to show God’s love to those in need. Over the next forty years God would lead them across Africa, through lush hills and scorched bush, to a dozen people groups who hadn’t heard the gospel.

Wherever the Hunters went, they found that God had been there first. This book is full of astonishing true accounts of Jesus preparing the world’s least reached peoples to encounter Him. Visions, dreams, miracles, shocking customs, and even human blunders and tragedies—God used all these and more to open a way to share the good news.

Honest, hopeful, and never far from laughter, Malcolm invites us to consider anew what we can expect when we follow Jesus—wherever He leads.

Hear Malcolm tell his story free on YouTube!


  • A true adventure story of life, faith and the incredible work of Jesus. A genuine page turner that is skillfully written. The one book you want to read while on vacation. It opens a world of God’s amazing appearing you rarely hear about. This is a collection of true stories perfect for reading to your children. They will be transfixed. It will inspire their faith—and yours. You will not fall asleep reading this book—I guarantee it!

    Bruce Johnson, President SIM USA

  • Malcolm is a born story teller. He has travelled endlessly and tirelessly to the most unreached parts of the world driven by a passion to bring the gospel to the people we might call the most primitive people (but don’t let Malcolm hear you call them primitive!) He speaks with a fluency and earnestness that captivates young and old. He stories are full of adventure,risk and daring and replete with true examples of divine interventions. If you’re interested in people you’ll probably never meet and want to hear about places you’ll never visit and are eager to know what God does in the most unlikely places when a real live missionary shows up, you must read my friend Malcolm hunter’s book To the Ends of the Earth.

    Stuart Briscoe speaker, author, broadcaster

  • I highly recommend that you read about the exciting ministry of Malcolm and Jean Hunter as presented in To the Ends of the Earth. I have tried to encourage the Hunters through the years as they received a calling that did not align with the vision of SIM at that time. A ministry to nomads wherever they exist was not one of SIM’s primary goals. I personally appreciate the liberty that SIM gives to members to follow the special calling that the Lord imparts to individual missionaries. I am impressed by what the Lord has done through these two servants as they pursued their vision and calling. The Hunters have always been on the “cutting edge” of mission activity. Their deep desire to carry the gospel to the least reached is evidenced in their moving story of ministry to nomads.

    Larry D. FehlFormer US Director of SIM

  • Malcolm and Jean Hunter came to us in the early days of the U.S. Center for World Mission(now Frontier Ventures) and were a huge encouragement o our staff. Serving in our Mobilization Division, they helped challenge believers to take unreached people seriously—especially nomadic peoples. They brought with them decades of field experience in Africa and then continued to expand their own knowledge and experience with nomadic people in the rest of the world. By reading this book, you will catch a glimpse into some of their experiences

    Greg H. ParsonsFrontier Ventures Director

  • Malcolm Hunter was called by Jesus Christ to be a missionary to the people anywhere in the world who would be the last to hear the name of Jesus. It was his nurse/wife Jean who took him first to East Africa in 1963. It was in Eritrea that he first saw several people groups who did not cultivate land but lived off their animals, meaning they had to move frequently to find grazing and water for them. He realized these would probably be the last to hear the Christian gospel as most missionaries do not like to keep moving.He and Jean built a modified Land Rover in England and drove it across the Sahara desert with a folding tent on top and a kitchen and food supplies in the back door.He eventually established an organization named the Nomadic Peoples Network that seeks to encourage existing missionaries to think nomadic and live appropriately. They have met together every three years since 1990, mostly in countries where nomads are found, to learn from each other’s experience as there is no college course or curriculum which can teach such a lifestyle and contextualized ministry. The NPN also seeks to recruit new nomadic missionaries,most recently through mobile training riding on a truck across Central Asia where many nomads are found who have never rejected Jesus as they have never heard of Him. Malcolm wants to give them the choice.

    John E. Kyle Founding director of Mission to the World,Director of International Relations – Wycliffe Bible Translators.Senior Vice President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies

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  • Publish Year: 2019
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