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Kelly O’Donnell

Dr. Kelly O’Donnell is a consulting psychologist, based in Geneva, living/working internationally for 35 years. He is the CEO of Member Care Associates, Inc. (MCA), an NGO focusing on the wellbeing and effectiveness of staff and their organizations. Kelly’s international and multi-sectoral emphases for consultation, training, and writing include: staff wellbeing, global mental health, integrity/anti-corruption, and faith-based contributions for good practice and sustainable development. He holds graduate degrees in clinical/community psychology including a doctorate from Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, USA. Publications include 75+ articles and five books in the member care/mental health fields (see recent publications on the MCA website). He has been a representative to the United Nations for the World Federation for Mental Health and currently is on the Executive Team for the Global Integrity Network of the Lausanne Movement-World Evangelical Alliance as well as a co-coordinator for the annual Global Integrity Day-9 June. Kelly enjoys providing a steady stream of reflections and resources via the MCA-related websites such as GMH-Map and Global Integrity Day,  GMH orientation articles, and the monthly Member Care Updates and Global Integration Updates. Married to Michèle for 37 years, also a psychologist, they have two wonderful adult daughters, Erin and Ashling. His life and work are influenced by the Ignatian values of eruditioprobitas, and officium (learning, virtue, and duty) and the Global Integration Framework (linking values, skills, relationships, and integrity for the wellbeing of all people and the planet). Email:   Website:

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