An Insightful Podcast by DC Keane!

DC Keane was recently interviewed by Cresent Project Radio on what drove him to write Uncharted Mission: Going to the Final Frontiers.

He shared the challenge of when you see something with a familiar feel, but you can't quite reconcile what it is. That's the way many Christians see the apostolic call. It looks like that person is being called to something vaguely familiar, but when they want to go to Afghanistan (or some other place where the church is not yet), we suddenly caution them and often encourage them NOT to go because it is just a little too unfamiliar.

That's why I wrote Uncharted Mission: Going to the Final Frontiers.  I want to help us all to recognize the call to go where the trail has not been blazed. Most of the people called to such pioneering work would benefit greatly from your encouragement, your listening ear, and your prayers."

-DC Keane

Listen to the Podcast HERE!

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