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"Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers is an excellent resource for anyone in a position of influence in the TESOL world. By highlighting and unpacking critical issues that can either open or close doors when teaching English in an overseas context, Dr. Purgason presents a well-organized sequence of thought-provoking guidelines to consider when stepping into the often murky waters of cross-cultural classroom engagement as exemplified by the Master Teacher.

Dr. Purgason gives a sketch of her own background with the TESOL world in both US and cross-cultural contexts which include her childhood experiences growing up overseas and her husband’s connections with cross-cultural organizations. Her wisdom as a follower of the Master Teacher has been shared with many other aspiring teachers through her mentoring roles with US government programs and other educational organizations. As an award-winning veteran TESOL teacher herself and a respected professor at Biola University, Kitty Purgason is in a unique position not only to see the need for this practical guide but also communicate in a way which speaks a balanced word to both those inside and outside the Christian community.

Several topics that are addressed in the book would be of interest to teachers or administrators seeking to integrate character education, social justice issues, or themes related to forgiveness and reconciliation. The organization of the book is helpfully and intuitively divided into three sections: 1) foundational material, 2) guidelines explained and applied and 3) sample lessons and teaching resources."