The Perspectives Course, which uses the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: Reader and Study Guidehas changed the life of hundreds of thousands of students around the world over the last four decades. The curriculum, class, and reading bring together a clear picture of God's heart for the nations and how we might join Him in His work to reconcile the world to Himself. 

Recently, two alumni of the Perspectives Course have recently shared their story with a valued co-laborer in finishing the task, Steve Addison, on his podcast Movements with Steve Addison. 

Terry and Amy Ruff talk about what it takes to multiply disciple making movements in West Africa. In the interview they humbly share the challenges and thrills that come with a movement that now has 26 generations of churches in one stream, to the glory of God. The interview with Steve is about 45 minutes.

Just in case you don't have time for the full podcast, WCP asked Terry and Amy a few questions.

WCPWhat did you do as a profession before you took Perspectives?

Ruffs: We were missions pastors at Northside Christian Church in New Albany, Indiana and we were 50 years old when we took the class. 

WCPDid you have any idea about what you would get out of Perspectives?

Ruffs: We had no idea. What we got from the class was life changeI always tell people that Perspectives will mess up your life! 

WCPHow did you pick an agency to get onto the field?

Ruffs: Our church supported Team Expansion so we explored that natural connection.

WCPHow did you get exposed to Disciple Making Movement (DMM) principals?

Ruffs: Our agency, Team Expansion, is how we first learned about DMM and then we were trained by Curtis Sergeant who is a well known DMM catalyst. 

WCPDo you think the DMM principals would work anywhere? 

Ruffs: Absolutely. We know they do. 

WCPWhat are the biggest challenges to the work that you are doing now? 

Ruffs: A huge challenge is sustainability of the movement without outside/Western support to penetrate Ghana. But beyond Ghana the next challenge is how to reach into every other African country and finish the task that that is laid out in Matthew 24:14: 

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, & then the end will come.  

Matthew 24:14

WCPHow many generations of churches have come from the work that you’ve done? 

Ruffs: The deepest stream is 26 generations, with most of the others being 8-10 generations deep. 

[For clarity, a generation of a church is defined as one church planting another church. That second church is referred to as "the first generation."]

WCP: How can we (who read this) pray for you and the movement where you are?

Ruffs: Pray for continued strength for the national leaders to be wise, strong, safe, and visionary. 


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