For the last five decades, this little publishing house from Pasadena has endeavored to produce missiological books and resources that shape the world through resourcing those advancing the Kingdom. 

We are still doing the same great work, we're just doing it with a view of the gorgeous front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains when we relocated to Littleton, Colorado in early 2018. We're among likeminded friends in our new home as we have taken offices in the headquarters of OMF International (Overseas Mission Fellowship), an organization known for reaching the unreached and their 150 years of faithfulness. 

With this change, it made us start thinking of other changes that needed to be made. For instance, it was time for us to address the fact that far too many people think we are a library and not a publishing house.

To move forward with clarity we are rolling out the new name in a rebranding campaign as we move toward our 50th anniversary next year.

From here on out, we will be known as William Carey Publishing

Once we got on a roll with change, it just seemed right to update the logo too and that led us to thinking that we needed a new website. We hope you enjoy it because now you can buy ebooks, get discount codes, and enjoy our blog, which will have all manner of resources for Christian authors and more. 

The changes we are making are not skin deep. We're digging deeper into our unique roll within publishing and the Kingdom and "testing everything and holding on to what is good." One of the good things we intend to hold onto tightly is the high scholarship and rich and reliable content for which we are known. However, one of the things we realize is more of a burden than blessing is the tone in which all the books had been written - essentially we are fessing up to the fact that many of our books were thinly disguised dissertations, which usually had truly valuable information buried in difficult and cumbersome academic language and structure. 

So we are losing that and moving forward! 

Real people read our books and we want it make it easier for them to understand and enjoy the reading experience. 

To achieve that, we are pushing our authors harder to write with more conversational tone to increase readability while retaining the excellence of research on which the ideas were built. 

Essentially, our books will start sounding like "the intelligent conversation you have with friends over dinner." We'll reference solid research, we'll show you statistics and details, but we aren't going to bore you with the way that it is presented!