So I woke up this morning after months of onslaught... there is no other word for the recent deluge of work, challenges, and so much more! It's been intense. 

It got me to thinking that you are probably feeling like that too. It seems one of the major ways that the enemy is attacking people today is with onslaught - of so much of whatever to just overwhelm and discourage you.

BUT THIS MORNING, I was given a gift I want to share.

[If you have no time, then the bottom line is as follows, otherwise, read on and be blessed.] 

I woke up for the first time in months and my heart said: 
"Hand me a jawbone Lord, I'm ready to get back in the battle!"


Essentially after months of the onslaught, where I have been worn thin in mind, body, and spirit, I had the privilege of spending about 12 hours with Steve Hawthorne, architect, author, and editor of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, curriculum, and books, as well as Bruce Koch, the Director of Perspectives Global, who administers and spurs the Perspectives movement in partnership in and with roughly 27 countries. 

Normally, meetings this long would be exhausting, but they weren't. They refreshed my soul. 

In these meetings I heard glorious stories of how the Lord is moving to raise up leaders in the Majority World who are mobilizing people with the vision of God's global purpose and how they can be a part of it. 

I heard of the gathering in Brazil this Nov/Dec where likely 2000+ believers will gather at the Perspectives Brazil National Conference and get equipped, updated, and refreshed themselves. This will be the largest Perspectives gathering in history so far. 

The day was filled with stories of movements, vision for more, and praise for how the Lord has moved over the last 45-ish years. 

The Lord knew I NEEDED THIS. 

After those meetings, it was the next morning that I sprang up, with renewed vigor saying "Hand me a jawbone, Lord, I'm ready to get back in the battle!"

But, because I couldn't remember the exact reference I looked up jawbone in the Bible and found the verse it references:

Judges 15:15 - Finding a fresh jawbone of a donkey, he grabbed it and struck down a thousand men.

THE LORD IS FUNNY because, like Samson whom this verse is about, it isn't that the Lord took away the 1000 foes I'm facing, rather, He gave me the renewed energy to pick up my unconventional tool and to get back to the task to which He's called me. 

What UNCONVENTIONAL TOOL is the Lord asking you to use to join Him with today?  

Just in case any of our resources are jawbones you need, please use code JAWBONE25 at checkout for 25% off your whole order through Nov 15th. 

I genuinely pray that you are refreshed in your soul today. That you look around at your unconventional tools, and continue to fight the good fight--the one for your soul and for those souls of those future brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.