Why should you read Unity Through Repentance if you did not attend Wittenberg 2017?

We thought we would share some short video testimonials to find the answer to that question.

Caroline Owens (Catholic), a Third Order Dominican  quotes:

"The book is a wonderful representation of 'ordinary people' doing God's will in the moment and says God was present orchestrating the whole thing."


Richard Harvey, a Messianic Jewish author, historian, and theologian quotes:

"It's not just a personal story of the author's journey, it's also a short history and overview of all of the issues that have separated believers of Jesus and the church from the Jewish people.  The book has emphasized the need for reconciliation between individual Christians and between denominations." 


Jim MacDonald (Protestant), a patent engineer quotes:

"I've seen people have to organize family reunions, and this is very much a family reunion story that is very near and dear to the Father's heart." 


Verena Lang, a historian, and her husband Hans-Peter Lang, a forester, both Catholic living in Austria quotes:

"Jesus emphasized the importance of unity in the body of Christ.  He prayed to the Father that we should be one as He is one with the Father.  Follow Thomas and Amy Cogdell on an exciting pilgrimage."

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