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Are we ready to pass the torch to Gen Z? Listen to these three amazing podcasts by Jolene Erlacher and Katy White as they talk about engaging young missionaries in training and in the field of missions.  

Jolene Erlacher is a next gen researcher, speaker, and consultant at Leading Tomorrow (; She teaches graduate courses at several Christian universities, equipping ministry leaders serving in a variety of contexts.

Katy White is a mission mobilizer focused on helping members of the emerging generation find their place in God's global work. Katy currently serves with GoCorps (;

The Missionary Mobilization Podcast 

This episode will inspire and equip you to mobilize the next generation of missionaries. Jolene answers the following questions:

  1. What motivated you and co-author Katy White to write this book?

  2. What are some cultural influences we should be aware of when mobilizing Gen Z?

  3. What are some unique characteristics of Gen Z as it relates to missions?

  4. In your book, you write about a “New Mind of Mobilization.” What do you mean by that?

  5. What are three specific strategies to mobilize Gen Z?

 Listen to the Podcast HERE!


The Leading Tomorrow Podcast 


In this special episode, Jolene is joined by her co-author, Katy White, to discuss their new book, Mobilizing Gen Z: Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Age of Missions. The new book launched August 8, 2022. In their discussion, Jolene and Katy present insights on mobilizing and encouraging Gen Zers, and they give an overview of the practical applications and resources in the book. 

Listen to the Podcast HERE

The Missions Podcast 

The generation now coming of age is fraught with anxiety and feeling isolated. What will it take for missionaries and church leaders to motivate Gen Z towards cross-cultural missions? We explore this fascinating question with Dr. Jolene Erlacher, author, speaker, consultant, leadership coach, and teacher.

Listen to the Podcast HERE!


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