We want to celebrate with an amazing organization, CatalystServices.org, which focuses on resourcing, providing community, and assistance to churches, networks, and agencies to fully involve believers in global witness.

Recently, they finished a survey within their community and assembled their readers’ choices for top picks of missions books for 2018.

William Carey Publishing is pleased to announce that David and Lorene Wilson’s book, Pipeline: Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization, was chosen as one of the top 3 books for 2018 in the Church Missions Mobilization category! 

And the good news is that we have more to celebrate! 

In the same readers’ survey, Tim Schulz’s book Disciple Making Among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow was listed among the top Special Topics books to get your hands on. 

Thanks to Catalyst Services and to all the readers who named our books as worth reading! And congratulations to our authors! 

Godspeed readers as you endeavor to expand the Kingdom moving into the next year!